Author Topic: Eric Holder Decides Roman Catholic Priests Do Not “Contribute to the Morale and Well-Being” of Military Members [Protestant Pastors OK]  (Read 643 times)

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Eric Holder Decides Roman Catholic Priests Do Not “Contribute to the Morale and Well-Being” of Military Members – 50 DOD Contract Priests Find Their Communion Sets Locked-up

October 16, 2013  //  By: Joe Calandra Jr.

After consulting with Eric Holder and DOJ lawyers, Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel, decided, “Civilian Catholic priests, working under contract as chaplains, did not, among other things, ‘contribute to the morale and well-being’ of military personnel, reports CNS News.

As of the time of this report, 50 furloughed Roman Catholic priests are forbidden under penalty of arrest, from preaching, praying for DOD congregants, and using military property or facilities.

The priests are also barred from accessing their offices to retrieve personal property.

For the record, contracted secular “family support and mental health” workers are still on the job.

Father Ray Leonard, Senior Catholic Chaplain for Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, GA, is fighting this persecution in court!

Joined by several other priests, Father Leonard has filed a federal lawsuit against the Obama Administration for violating the First Amendment by impeding Catholics’ free expression of speech and religion.

According to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese for Military Services, more than 25 percent of the military community practices Roman Catholic Christianity.

Yet, Roman Catholic Chaplains only comprise eight percent of the chaplaincy!  By persecuting these contract priests, the Obama Administration is ensuring that this underserved community becomes even more underserved during the shutdown!

The Obama Administration has caused 14 days of cancelled weddings, Bible Studies, daily/weekly mass, Communion, Confession, and the administration of various Sacraments.

The Justice Department also says the “Anti-Deficiency Act” forbids the priests from volunteering their services without federal pay and is threatening to arrest them if they minister anyway!

So far, according to Father Leonard, the persecution is limited to Catholics.  Protestant services are ongoing at the base chapels and Protestant pastors and priests have not yet been threatened.

If you want to send a clear message to military leaders that says STOP HELPING OBAMA DISCRIMINATE AGAINST ROMAN CATHOLICS, check out this link.


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First, they came for the Catholics; but I was not Catholic so. . .

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I was raised catholic have since belonged to non denominational churches but this still makes my skin crawl. I am very appalled at this administrations abusing the right to freedom of religion our country has held since it's forming and writing of the constitution. When are the people of this country going to stand up to these bullies and dictators we now have in office? Obama got there by fraud and deceit and is now brow beating the country and democrats and many republicans stand by and allow it. I see my country gone and what is in it place scares me.

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First, they came for the Catholics; but I was not Catholic so. . .
Exactly. Or should we say, "So it begins..."?
The only difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is that the Democrats allow the poor to be corrupt, too.
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Exactly. Or should we say, "So it begins..."?

Ever notice the pattern of these types of unconstitutional moves usually being quietly made while most of the country is focused on gamesmanship going on between Congress and WH?


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NB:  The First Amendment is being trashed while we are busy with Obamacare and other distractions the people in our White House are cooking up and rolling out daily.  Next up:  amnesty.

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