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Gun Supporter to Piers Morgan: ‘That’s Probably Why You Don’t Have As Many Viewers’

By Noel Sheppard | October 15, 2013 | 09:59

Another day, another epic battle between Piers Morgan and a gun rights advocate.

What made Monday’s skirmish on CNN’s Piers Morgan Live so delicious was Second Amendment Foundation founder Alan Gottlieb marvelously informing the host that his anti-gun campaign is probably responsible for his dismal ratings (video follows with transcript and commentary):

ALAN GOTTLIEB, SECOND AMENDMENT FOUNDATION: How many times this year have you attacked gun rights on your show? 60? 70? 80?

PIERS MORGAN, HOST: Oh, I won’t back off people like you, Mr. Gottlieb, trust me.

GOTTLIEB: I bet you use [Sandy Hook Massacre anniversary] December 14th to push your anti-gun agenda?

MORGAN: You're damn right I’ll use that day…

GOTTLIEB: Thank you. And that’s exactly why we’re responding. You just proved it.

MORGAN: …to promote gun safety in America, Mr. Gottlieb, and I'll do it on behalf of these families.

GOTTLIEB: 2,191 people use guns every day for self-defense.

MORGAN: If you may give me a word, let me read you what Neil Heslin, whose son Jesse was killed, said, “It’s really in poor judgment…”

GOTTLIEB: Again, Piers…

MORGAN: Wait a minute. Give these people…

GOTTLIEB: My heart goes out to these people…

MORGAN: No it doesn’t go out to them. .

GOTTLIEB: …but it wasn’t a gun. It was a mentally ill person that did it.

MORGAN: Your heart doesn't go out to them. You laugh at them as you did a minute ago.

GOTTLIEB: Piers, you don't know about my heart. You’re just pushing your anti-gun agenda…

MORGAN: We’ve seen your callous heart, Mr. Gottlieb.

GOTTLIEB: …every chance you get. That’s probably why you don't have as many viewers as anybody else does because people have turned you off.

I’m sure that’s one reason.

Another is that Morgan is a pompous, holier-than-thou host who fights with and belittles guests rather than having a civilized discussion with them...unless he agrees with them, of course.

As such, Monday was just another example of why Americans aren’t interested in this program.

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