Author Topic: Lincoln Memorial ‘Barry-cade’ breached again; Park Police order area cleared [pics]  (Read 461 times)

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Dated yesterday.

As Twitchy reported yesterday, participants in the the Million Vets March breached and removed the barricades at the Lincoln Memorial. After yesterday’s march, the Spite House ordered the barricades at the Lincoln Memorial (as well as the WWII Memorial) put back into place.

However, it didn’t take long today for people to ignore the replaced barricades and return to the memorial today.

Go to the link for pictures and comments such as: Screw the #barrycades & #spitehouse Lincoln Memorial is covered in visitors #vetmarch #tcot @TwitchyTeam :flag:
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I'm loving this "Spite House" meme.
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LOVE this comment from "nc".....

"Hey, what are you in for?"
"Armed robbery. You?"
"Visiting the Lincoln Memorial."
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