Author Topic: Glenn heard a story this weekend that shows history is repeating itself  (Read 386 times)

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While he was in Washington D.C. this weekend, Glenn ran into an average American who told him to look up the story of The Jay Treaty. According to this gentleman, everything happening today with Obamacare happened back during Washington’s presidency, when the United States passed an unpopular treaty with terms that heavily favored the British.

The treaty was supported by President Washington as an alternative to continued conflict with Britain, and Glenn explained on TV that it was seen to satisfy merchants and business leaders – or as Glenn put it, the special interests of the day. It was strongly opposed by the Jeffersonians, who believed in equality in political opportunity and represented the farmers and the middle class.

In the end, the treaty only resulted in a decade of peace between the U.S. and Britain, and when it ended the two countries were already headed for The Second War of Independence (The War of 1812).

“(The American people) viewed it as a product of what happens when the select few of ths ruling class ignore the will of the people,” Glenn said.

“All they did by appeasing the British was prolong the inevitable. By refusing to stand on principle and the best interest of America, they didn’t solve anything,” he said.

Is America facing a similar situation today – one where the will of the elites and special interest are pushing an unpopular and law onto the American people? Glenn raised those questions to the audience during the show:

Video at link:

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Re: Glenn heard a story this weekend that shows history is repeating itself
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EVERY time you do not stand on principle you loose! EVERY TIME!

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