Author Topic: Cory Booker poll numbers in free fall 2 days ahead of N.J. Senate election  (Read 758 times)

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Booker will win simply because of the overwhelming number of Democrats in the state, his skin color, and any voter fraud the Democrats decide is needed to ensure victory.
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Well, I agree with AC above that Booker will probably win due to "election irregularities" but I don't think it will be on the up-and-up at all - NJ is not as liberal a state as many think, but political corruption there is rampant from what I hear. The state DID elect that fat guy for governor, but . . .  Booker doesn't even live in Newark.

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This reminds me almost to the letter of what happened in New York governor primary about 3 years ago. Rick Lazio was in the lead for months, right up to the day of the primary. Then Carl Paladino won, and won big. (The Dems, along with a coordinated Albany press corp, made sure that such an upset wouldn't happen again and ran the most slanderous campaign on the planet against Paladino in the general.)

Polls are a lagging indicator. If they are breaking in one direction, expect that trend to be magnified come the time of the actual vote. Lonegan is going to be very close. I won't guarantee victory, but it is well within the realm of plausibility at this point.
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I was considering voting for Booker just out of a desire to see nobama's attention focus be diminished.  Now I will be voting Lonegan because he actually has a shot.  Not a big one but a shot nonetheless.
There is a game being played on Booker, it seems, by the Jackson and Clinton types.  Like "he would be getting our coffee". 
Strategically dripped leaks and info about Booker.  Gay.  Not a resident of Newark.  Stuff a lockstep campaign or party wouldn't allow.
New Jersey politics at it's finest.
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