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The problem with comparing us to Canada and Australia, or Japan, or Finland, is simply the issue of borders.

Japan and Australia are island nations. Their only borders are the oceans. That is a pretty strong deterrent to illegal immigration.

Finland's only land border is in the far north of Russia.

Canada's border is with the northern United States. It's more political than any real cultural difference. Most of the people who bring down the American average are in the south and in cities far from the American border.

The United States has to deal with a southern border that is directly connected to the Third World. The closest comparison you might be able to make is with the UK, which in its misguided attempt to imperalize the world, ended up importing all sorts of third-world types and became, like the USA, a cultural mishmash. They're not that far ahead of us.

Higher performing countries like Canada and Australia have the capability to keep undesirables out of their countries. The United States does not, and not only that, its history of relatively liberal immigration has contriubted to today's problems.

Yet in "Right Thought," diversity can only be good.

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