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Documentary filmmaker alleges police brutality at Million Vet March

Woman allegedly assaulted at Million Vet March

October 13, 2013

On Sunday, documentary filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch alleged multiple instances of police brutality at the "Million Vets March" in Washington, D.C.

According to Lynch, he and "several women" were assaulted by police during the protest.

"I had words with one cop who hit me," he wrote on his Facebook page.

Lynch said the incident happened after protesters brought barricades to the White House.

"When they got to the White House they stacked the barricades. It was wild. The police came in. They demanded we move away from the fence. But nobody was doing anything wrong? It was peaceful. However they used force. I was literally right there the entire time," he wrote, explaining that he was protecting a boy who was being trampled by the crowd.

He emphasized the veterans and the other protesters were not violent.

"They were honest, true, respectful to those around them and NEVER ONCE did anyone lift a hand," he added.

Lynch also said he witnessed officers "whack" an older women with night clubs in a scene he described as "out of control."

Later, he said he "misreported."

"My last post said I witnessed a woman get whacked with a night stick. What I should of said was 'several women,'" he posted.

An hour later, he posted another picture and said it was another woman struck by officers.

According to Lynch, the woman was a peaceful protester.

"Video shows it," he said.

Lynch said in his post that he would appear on Megyn Kelly's Fox News program Monday at 9 p.m. Eastern time.

"On a positive note, as I told thousands of people today when I opened the ceremonies... America is back. No more sleepwalking," he added
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Re: Documentary filmmaker alleges police brutatlity at million vet march
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There was also a video capturing the moment an elderly man was struck by a baton in front of White House gate.

Police Helmet Number 4341.  Don't know affiliation of that particular riot police thug.

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Re: Documentary filmmaker alleges police brutatlity at million vet march
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He was on Megyn Kellylast night.  Showed video.  One word.. disgusting.
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