Author Topic: People will be fined for not signing up for Obamacare when they can't sign up  (Read 720 times)

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If 40 million Americans don't have health insurance by January 1, they will be fined.

But they can't sign up. The ObamaCare website is broken, the Obama Administration can't fix it in time, and Americans will pay billions of dollars in tax penalties.

How can the Obama Administration require Americans to have health insurance when the Administration makes it impossible to buy health insurance?

This is a breach of trust with the American people. Even worse, news reports show the Obama Administration knew its websites wouldn't work but refused to delay the mandate, simply for political reasons.

It's unfair to penalize Americans when they can't even comply with the law.

Our demand is simple: Delay the mandate. Don't penalize Americans when they can't comply with Obama Administration demands. Sign our new petition:

Delay the ObamaCare Mandate: Say No to Unconstitutional Penalties.

Jay Sekulow
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