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Report: Obama administration embraced groups with terror ties as ‘moderates’

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WASHINGTON — The administration of President Barack Obama has recruited alleged Hamas financiers as U.S. advisers on counter-insurgency, a report said.

The Gloria Center asserted that the administration has protected and financed alleged Hamas supporters in the United States, which deems the Palestinian movement terrorist.

In a report, Gloria said the Justice Department quashed the indictment of the co-founder of Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, as part of a policy to end the prosecution of alleged Hamas financiers at the Holy Land Foundation.

“In April 2011, a top Department of Justice official informed this author that senior DOJ officials had quashed the indictment of CAIR co-founder Omar Ahmad in March 2010, along with other Islamic leaders, in the planned second round of prosecutions related to the Holy Land Foundation case,” author Patrick Poole said.

Poole, a CI consultant, said Obama now regards CAIR and other groups
 prosecuted for links to Hamas as “moderates” and partners in developing U.S.
 counter-insurgency policy. He said the Islamist groups, mostly funded by
 Saudi Arabia, were pressing the administration to purge their critics from
 military and security programs.

“In many cases federal prosecutors have gone into federal court and
 identified American Islamic organizations and leaders as supporters of
 terrorism, and no sooner have left court before government officials openly embrace these same organizations and leaders as moderates and outreach partners,” the report, titled “Blind to Terror,” said.

“In several notable cases, the FBI’s outreach partners have been under active FBI criminal investigation and were later convicted on terrorism-related charges at the time the outreach occurred.”

The report, dated June 10, said the White House courting of groups that
 support Al Qaida, Hamas and Hizbullah began with President Bill Clinton 20
 years ago. The policy continued through the administration of President
 George W. Bush, even after Al Qaida’s suicide strikes on New York and
 Washington in 2001, in which 3,000 people were killed.

“U.S. government agencies appear to have imposed a policy of
 institutional blindness when it comes to the terrorist associations of their
 aid program partners,” the report said.

The report said the influence of the Islamist groups has resulted in an
 administration boycott of their critics. In 2011, the CIA canceled a
 conference on what was termed violent extremism after CAIR protested an
 invitation to a former U.S. intelligence analyst, Stephen Coughlin. Over the
 last year, the administration boycotted Muslim critics after consultations
 with CAIR.

“Now the Obama administration has institutionalized these relationships
 where the very extremists they have empowered and embraced are now dictating
 inherently dangerous public policy,” the report said. “Demands by their
 outreach partners now include purges, blacklists, book bans, star chambers,
 speech codes, mandatory reeducation and official retaliation against federal
 employees, with the White House standing up a task force authorized to
 enforce these measures across the federal government.”
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