Author Topic: GOP RINOs Must Pay Penalty for Actions Allowing Illegals USA Entry  (Read 330 times)

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GOP RINOs Must Pay Penalty for Actions Allowing Illegals USA Entry
   By Jerry McConnell  Saturday, October 12, 2013

There is no question that the principal proponents of allowing illegal aliens to come into our country unfettered are the Socialist-communist liberal Democrats who absolutely must have these extra votes to not only remain in power but to change the U. S. into prisoner state with few, if any, freedoms.  The people who provide the votes for these treasonists are high up on the chain of blame as well.

But in my estimation, and of many other conservative loyalists to ABBO, ‘America Before Barack Obama’, the most hated and egregious cretins in this play for attention are the RINO’s who are the recipients of the pre-ABBO country of the free United States.

Idiots and outrageously un-Americans who should know better than any one else of the value and strength of the former America who turned their backs on loyal Americans and threw in with traitors and treasonists of the socio-commie hordes led by top traitor Obama followed by Reid and Pelosi and loyal Americans should destroy people like McCain, Graham, Collins, Alexander, Hatch, Rubio, Ayotte, and the 20 or so other solid RINO’s.

As if this country needed more information about these anti-Americans, the Conservative Action Alerts (CAA) writer Nelson Hultberg wrote a column on October 10, 2013 titled “Illegals Swarm In -  Dallas Transformed” calling attention to a previous column (CAA August 30, 2013) that he wrote about “the twin evils of illegal immigration and Keynesian economics and how they had decimated various neighborhoods of Dallas, Texas.”

Hultberg mentioned getting letters from “several” Libertarians defending this demise as “the result of capitalism operating in a free society.”  I have maintained that Libertarians have their heads screwed on in different ways so they can claim not to be a liberal while seeking out liberals for their dancing partners.  Read about Ron Paul and you’ll see what I mean. Thankfully his son, Rand Paul, seems to have his head on straight and conservatively.

But RINO’s are flat out liberals in many senses and their support of amnesty, don’t for a second think it is anything else, leads to more expense of our tax dollars, larger government, and more liberal government at that, of course all leading to higher taxes.  The combination of those FOUR items, amnesty, more spending, more government and higher taxes in all cases identifies the culprits as out and out flaming liberals who gladly   use conservatives tax dollars to gather more votes to entrench themselves in power.

Hultberg in his August 30 column mentioned above, how the illegals had decimated various neighborhoods of Dallas, Texas, calling attention to “the Valley View Shopping Center near where he lived and how it ws transformed from a fine and fashionable mall into a seedy Mexican sway meet.”  Now there is a first hand eyewitness to cultural degradation resulting from unchecked illegal immigrants swarming in over our border and bringing totally nothing good with them.

Hultberg goes on to say,

“In 1996, the apartment complex I moved into upon arrival in town (and lived in for 12 years) was a nice, middle-class complex nestled among beautiful homes in a North Dallas surrounding neighborhood. The residents were 85 percent white Americans. Today that complex is down to 10 percent white Americans, 10 percent black Americans, and 80 percent Mexicans, almost all illegals. And it’s uninhabitable.”

Is this the future for America that our unthinking, uncaring, Socialist-communist liberal Democrats wish for the rest of us?  And, I also include the more than 25 RINO’s who have joined these vote hungry anti-Americans in accepting the costly, government growing, higher taxed amnesty recipients with the knowledge that any neighborhood will deteriorate into the swamp of disgrace and disrepute in a very short time.

Why can’t these people, and I mean ALL of those mentioned in the preceding paragraph, see how devastating their support for illegal immigration is to our country?  They seemed to be fairly intelligent and responsible people before they were elected; what made them turn their backs on the good conservatives that put them in office?

Hultberg continues,

    “This is not capitalism and “creative destruction” at work. This is ideological insanity at work. This is multiculturalist dogma hammered into our lives by the educational system for 40 years coupled with a federal government outrageously negligent as to one of its most fundamental duties - the protection of the nation’s borders.”

    “It gets worse everyday,” complains one local businessman. “I have owned a contracting business here for 25 years, and I can no longer find any employees that can speak English (nor do they have a desire to). Having been around them for the last ten years on a daily basis, they make no bones about it.”

The decline and wholesomeness of the Dallas neighborhoods is reason enough for the exodus of former residents to other places, but can these new places be far behind tin degradation if our Socialist-communist liberal Democrats allow the four “sins”, amnesty, high government spending, more government and increased taxes, to flourish in the midst of a downward spiral in everything but criminal activities?

I don’t think so and we had better teach the liberals and RINO’s to listen to the conservatives; Colonial America did, and they bred a world leader for a country.

Pray that we can do it again.

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