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Obamacare adds useless ‘preview’ option to dysfunctional website

Posted By Josh Peterson On 1:14 PM 10/12/2013 In Tech | No Comments

Obamacare’s website,, recently added an option that allows users to preview their new health care premiums — but the new feature leaves out key pieces of information customers need to choose a health care plan.

While The Huffington Post celebrated the changes at in a Friday report, the publication admitted that users were only provided limited data about the program in exchange for basic information about where they live and what kind of coverage they are seeking.

More detailed information is not factored into the preview, such as: home address, number and ages of adults and children covered and the number of smokers covered. The preview does not give customers any information about the discounts for which they qualify.

Depending on where the person lives, the new feature may not even give them basic information about the Obamacare.

For example, if a person living in Maryland visits, they will be redirected to Maryland’s healthcare exchange,

Obamacare’s rollout has been plagued with systemic website problems, frustrated users and abysmally low enrollment numbers.

A new deadline for fixing the glitches, Reuters reports, could be as early as mid-November. Republicans in the House and the Senate have announced that they intend to investigate the reason for the glitches, Fox News reports. is estimated to have cost taxpayers $634.3 million to construct, paid out to federal contractor CGI Federal — a Canadian company.

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