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Dick Morris: What the GOP should do now
« on: October 11, 2013, 07:36:33 PM »
The Dick Morris haters (as regarding which, there is surely no paucity) will doubtless recoil; but I believe that Morris has some useful suggestions for the GOP, as regarding both the partial government shutdown and the upcoming debt-ceiling battle:

1.  End the shutdown immediately by passing a Continuing Resolution to fund the government EXCEPT that the subsidy lawmakers get for health insurance should be ended.  The public will applaud this and God grant that Obama is dumb enough to oppose it!

2.  Agree to the six week debt extension but demand in return $70 billion of spending cuts (dollar for dollar with the debt increase) AND demand that Treasury Secretary Liu commit to prioritizing the use of tax revenues to pay debt service interest in the event we bump up against the debt limit ever again, ending the risk of default.

3.  In the long term debt talks, demand a dollar for dollar cut in spending for each increase in borrowing.  And seek:

a.  An end to the Payment Advisory Board in ObamaCare, the so-called death panels.  Obama hasn't even appointed it yet.

b.  Repeal of medical device tax.

c.  Keystone pipeline approval.

4.  Let ObamaCare die of its own troubles.  Very few are signing up and the system can't work without many more signups.  Let it unravel on its own.

Very good advice, in my opinion.

Oh, here is the link:  What Republicans Should Do - at

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