Author Topic: Senator Mike Lee: "Shutdown" strong evidence we should not allow Feds to control our healthcare  (Read 524 times)

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Senator Lee was on Greta's show today and, among other things, pointed out that the misuse of governmental authority during this so-called "shutdown" shows we ought not place the power over our healthcare in the hands of the very kinds of people who are currently misusing what power they have even now.

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He's right, you know. If Obama & Co are willing to overstep the authority they currently have, closing private businesses, barrycading open air memorials, etc., imagine what they could do if your physical well being was in their hands.
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Great. Now, how do we convince enough voters to abandon the political class and embrace the "Government that governs least?"

Some days as believers in original intent it feels like we are trying to change the course of the world's largest ship and our only means is one, single oar.

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