Author Topic: The White House and Presidents Park (The Only National Park Remaining Open)  (Read 754 times)

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Technically, the White House and grounds are operated by the National Park service. Why is it remaining open when every other National Park is being shut down?

The White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, was originally constructed 1792-1800, the work of James Hoban. It was reconstructed in 1815 after being burned by British soldiers during the War of 1812. It has been the home of every president of the United States since John Adams. The exterior of the main structure, despite some additions and minor changes, remains much as it was in 1800. The interior has been completely renovated using the historic floor plan. It is significant for its Federal architecture, as a symbol of the presidency, and for the important decisions made within its walls over the years.

The Government Shutdown and YOUR National Parks: What you need to know

From the Grand Canyon to Gettysburg, Acadia to the Everglades, the impact of the government shutdown will be felt in every national park across America.  As an important member of the national parks community, we want to provide you the latest information, and hope you will share this information with other national park enthusiasts and invite them to join us.

Because the ramifications vary widely, it is important for you to have the pertinent information to fully understand what this means for your parks.

Impact on parks due to government shutdown:

    All 401 national parks all across the country will be closed affecting as many as 715,000 national park visitors each day the government remains shutdown.
    More than 21,000 national park staff members will be furloughed meaning critical resource management, including important scientific monitoring to protect endangered species, will not happen.
    Due to closures, planned field trips will be cancelled denying teachers and students across the country access to our nation’s largest open classrooms.

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All 401 national parks all across the country will be closed
You mean they've lied to us?!   :thud:
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