Author Topic: MSNBC: Ted Cruz, and Republicans who agree with him, don't love their country  (Read 292 times)

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So far left, even Joe Scarborough is fighting back....

Ladies & gentlemen, it's finally happened. We've learned just how nuts an MSNBC host has to get in order to get Joe Scarborough to show a little backbone.  It happened this week, during a "Morning Joe" segment on Harry Reid's federal shutdown.

According to host Mika Brzezinski, it all comes down to Obamacare. Ted Cruz and the Republicans who agree with him simply don't love their country.  That's right.  If you're the kind of person who holds the Constitution and the free market system in such esteem that you're willing to fight for it, you just plain hate America.

According to Brzezinski, efforts to fight Obamacare show "just how much they hate him [Obama] and don’t love the country, and that’s what’s scary about this. If they actually go through with this, this is about something else.”

While I have no doubt that the vast majority of progressives are dumb enough to believe this, I was pretty surprised to see that Scarborough wasn't buying it.  In a rare display of gumption, Joe manages to argue that Republicans love their country for close to an entire minute!

Scarborough fires back at Brzenzinski. “Are you saying they don’t love the country?”

“Are you saying they do?" she replies. "Ted Cruz and his group loves the country? We disagree.”

Joe then procedes to tear Brzezinski to shreds by introducing reality into her left-wing bubble.  Joe would have to do this roughly a million times in order to make up for his past transgressions, but it was - at least for once - nice to see him put a spotlight on his cohost's ignorance.

You can ignore the little "Ted Cruz has lost" bit at the end. That's just MSNBC shifting back into their regularly scheduled delusion.

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