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“I’m serving Brunswick stew, ham biscuits and carrot cake. If that gets me put in jail, I’m going to jail.”

Glenn Helseth operates the Carrot Tree Kitchen in Yorktown, Virginia. Because the restaurant is located on federal land - and operates out of a building leased from the federal government - those running the Obama Shutdown Show have told Helseth he needs to close his restaurant for the duration of the people. That would throw him and his 20 employees into unemployment and threaten the viability of the restaurant.

As Fox News reports, Helseth has told the government to shove it:

At least 20 of his longtime employees are facing the unemployment line. They can’t make rent and some are faced with choosing between buying food or buying medicine.

So Glenn decided it was time to take some action – and at 11 a.m. ET he reopened the Carrot Tree Kitchens Restaurant – in defiance of the federal government.

“I intend to serve everybody that wants to dine with me,” he said. “I don’t intend to close my doors. I am occupying Carrot Tree Yorktown.”

Glenn said he is well aware that he is breaking the law – but he told me enough is enough.

“I’m serving Brunswick stew, ham biscuits and carrot cake,” he said. “If that gets me put in jail, I’m going to jail.”

Glenn said it just doesn’t make sense to close down the restaurant – especially since it’s a money-maker.

“I’m making money for the government,” he said. “I send them a check every month.”

Now why would the federal government want to close down a restaurant that makes money for Uncle Sam? Because preventing the serving of carrot cake allows Democrats to hammer home their talking point of the day, which is that the shutdown is causing chaos everywhere!

That is also a lie, by the way. Just within the past several days, the federal government has allocated $35,000 to buy refrigerators, $22,000 to replace sinks in a laboratory and $145,000 to "help with confronting obstacles to reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzogvenia," whatever that means.

The government is not shut down. Money is being spent. The Obama Administration is systematically targeting aspects of the federal government it can sabotage for the purpose of upsetting people, so they can blame Republicans and put pressure on them to cave.

Hopefully Republicans in the House show the same kind of spine Glenn Helseth has shown. You want him to shut down his restaurant? Make him! If you can. And I don't think you can.

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