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Racial violence and denial in Schenectady
« on: October 09, 2013, 07:21:10 AM »
Racial Violence and Denial in Schenectady

October 9, 2013 By Colin Flaherty 4 Comments

It is easy to see why the powers that be want to keep a lid on several episodes of black mob violence in downtown Schenectady, NY.

This is the same kind of violence that caused people to flee places like Schenectady, Flint, Wilmington and hundreds of other cities around the country. Replacing vibrant, small town centers of commerce with hollow, dangerous hulks.


Now that investors are back, trying to rebuild Schenectady, the last thing they want is anyone talking about a large group of black people assaulting patrons in the shiny new downtown movie theater.

But that is what happened: The beat down. And the denial.

It took a while for the story to come out, but in June, an unidentified 46-year-old man and his two daughters were watching White House Down when a large group of black people in the theater started making a lot of noise.

The Times-Union picked up the story, minus the racial details, about the movie-goers who:

ran up and down the aisle yelling and banging a plastic garbage can near the entrance to the theater.

As the credits rolled at the end of the movie, one of the young men accosted the victim from behind, punching him in the head, District Attorney William Sanderson said. A second male did the same thing, he said.

After the second punch, the man stood and blocked the third punch before the whole group attacked him, the prosecutor said.

They knocked the man to the ground, repeatedly punched and kicked him and dragged him on his knees, Sanderson said.


When one of the victim’s 15-year-old twin daughters tried to help her father, she also was hit. One of the assailants ran off with her cellphone.

It’s unclear how long the assault lasted, but no one inside the theater tried to help the victim, Sanderson said.

The victim suffered a concussion, a broken nose and an eye injury that is causing vision problems, said the Times-Union.  “The concussion has caused him headaches, memory loss, and difficulty in his day-to-day work,” said Sanderson.

Eight black people were arrested and charged with assault after the victim’s daughter identified several of the alleged assailants as people who also attended her high school.

In a separate story, the Times-Union spoke to several business leaders who were “irked” the newspaper reported the mob violence. Even if the local media did neglect to report the mob was black — and part of a pattern of black mob violence around the country documented in White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it.

The business leaders say the incident was isolated and their downtown is safe. That got the full attention of at least one resident at the paper’s comments section:

The gang assault crime by these thugs is bad enough but the other crime is how this story was buried by local officials and the Sch’dy Daily Gazette (the incident took place in June!). It’s all about protecting the reputation of the “little miracle” which is Downtown Sch’dy (forget about the victims here).

Shame on the Daily Gazette, Metroplex, City of Sch’dy (leadership not the cops who responded quickly) and Democrat party bosses for shutting this story down for so long.

A local woman reported a similar experience at another Schenectady movie theater:

They kept their cell phones on, talked loudly throughout the show, and cursed out anyone who tried to quiet them down.

We were actually afraid – so afraid that we would not look back in the theatre and wouldn’t even stop to use the restrooms afterwards. We couldn’t get out of there quick enough. It’s a sad place when people can’t enjoy a movie without being afraid of being attacked by lowlife thugs!!

One poster could have been referring to a 2010 incident in Florida when he reminded movie goers what can happen if you complain to the manager instead:

If other movie patrons refuse to be quiet and orderly, go out to the lobby and tell management to either restore order or give you a refund, as you can not hear and enjoy the movie, which is what you paid your $10 to do.

They will do ANYTHING to avoid giving someone a refund. Of course, if they toss the punks, your beat down will probably occur outside the theatre where they have been waiting for you.

In the Florida case, a Marine on leave from Iraq was watching Little Fockers with his wife when he asked a group of black people to stop making a lot of noise. They refused. The manager kicked them out.

They waited for the Marine, and attacked him and his wife in the parking lot after the movie ended. He was knocked out, she was assaulted, and the attack ended when a passer-by threatened the mob with a handgun. When police arrived, they estimated 300 black people were in the parking lot.

“Schenectady is no better or worse than other cities around the country,” said Taleeb Starkes, author of the Uncivil War: Confronting the subculture within the African American community. “That’s the point: There is an enormous amount of racial violence and denial in cities big and small throughout the country. And few know about it.”

Other movie theaters around the country have also experienced recent and large scale episodes of black mob violence.

In September, a “large-scale brawl” erupted in a Chicago movie theater because some people were “being too loud,” said the Patch.  The pictures and videos show everyone in this South Chicago movie theater was black.

Also in September, in Bakersfield, carries a video of a large group of black people fighting in a movie theater parking lot.

Also in September, in a suburb of Rochester, 400 to 500 black people fought in and out of a movie theater during a showing of Insidious, Chapter 2.  A local police officer  explained it all to News 8: “They have pent up energy from being scared in the movie theater and they come out and they don’t know what to do with that energy.”

Racial violence in Schenectady is hardly limited to movie theaters:  Several night clubs within a mile of the movie theater have also experienced black mob violence this year.  State officials suspended at least one liquor license after a large fight and gunfire at Club Illusion, a hip hop club that caters to black patrons.

The Times-Union sums it up: ‘The incident occurred less than a week after Club Illusion served a 15-day suspension and paid a $10,000 fine for eight previous Alcoholic Beverage Control violations that included fights, assaults and excessive noise at the bar.”
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Re: Racial violence and denial in Schenectady
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2013, 08:55:20 AM »
Thank Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton (both prominent among the race hustlers), and finally, Barack Hussein Obama. These black folk have never intended to reinforce the great Martin Luther King's vision of America as a nation where people are judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

Of course, Barack Hussein Obama is the worst offender. He is in a position of elected office and should have been working to bring people together. Instead, his work has been to tear apart the soul of America by fueling resentment in the black population.

And just what the heck is "white girl bleed a lot?"
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Re: Racial violence and denial in Schenectady
« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2013, 09:13:14 AM »
And just what the heck is "white girl bleed a lot?"
Flaherty named his book and site after the ungrammatical comment made by a black girl regarding an assault on a white girl, as I recall.
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