Author Topic: What You Should be Doing Now to Prepare for 2014  (Read 2395 times)

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What You Should be Doing Now to Prepare for 2014
« on: October 08, 2013, 11:38:45 PM »
2014 is coming up quickly and it is time to prepare to take the country back. Not from the top down, but from the bottom up.   The fight will not be won on Capitol Hill but block by block, school by school, city by city.  The following is a growing list of things you should be doing now.  It may seem overwhelming to look at it as a long list, but take it in small steps. Schedule yourself 7 minutes a day to start. Many of these things can be knocked out quickly.

1. Investigate what offices and opportunities you have in your area. School boards, city council, commissioner's court, zoning boards, HOA boards, etc. These seats must be filled with like-minded Conservatives.

2. Become an active member of your local Republican party.

3. Find out who the precinct chair is of your local Republican party. Precinct chair is one of the more powerful positions available. If the person sitting in this office now is not Conservative or, in many cases I've seen, just holding that role as more of a social club, it is an opportunity that should be filled (thus #2, being active in the party is important to get a chance for this position).

4. Investigate the filing deadlines and requirements for #1.

5. Write, write, write. Letters to the editor, responses on local news sites, local Facebook community sites, start a blog or better yet, create new and unique articles here. Do not let an attack go unanswered.

6. Network. Find a way to get to know those in power positions in your city. Who are the key players in your local media? Keep a list of who's who.

7. Start to draft a clear, marketing friendly platform statement of what you believe. (feel free to focus it here).

8. Create a facebook group for local people in your area of like-minded beliefs. If you see waste in your city, for example, start a page "xxx(city) citizen's against government waste".

9. Look for an opportunity to make a difference. The next time you read something in your local news where someone says "I wish someone would do something", be that someone. Step up and rally the troops. (I have a story about this I'll share later).  You don't have to do it all yourself. Remember, real power comes from many people doing small things, not one person doing big things. Use the network you created in 6 to get the word out.

10. Pick up the following books:
The Brand You 50- Tom Peters
Take Back Your Government: A Citizen's Guide to Grassroots Change
Mass Flourishing: How Grassroots Innovation Created Jobs, Challenge, and Change
What Can Be Us Tea Party Agenda

11. If you don't have one already, create a Twitter and Facebook account. Using the concept in The Brand You 50 (#10 reading list book), create your personal brand around it. Let this be your business card. Mold it to create the image you want to create, nothing more, nothing less.

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Re: What You Should be Doing Now to Prepare for 2014
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2013, 12:37:09 AM »
12. Talk to everyone. Car park, bar, in line at the supermarket or DMV. Be ready to strike up a conversation at a moments notice. Make sure it is a conversation and that you listen as well as speak. Do not just complain, offer solutions. Getting ideas out during an election campaign is far easier if the seeds are planted now. People are far more receptive to ideas once they have thought about them for a while.

Regarding 11. Do so, but keep it separate from your personal account.
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