Author Topic: 'Placenta smoothie party!' Lisa D'Amato tweets snap of her former ANTM co-star Joanie Dodds drinking afterbirth  (Read 577 times)

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It would be one of the more novel ways to eat a placenta following childbirth.

But former America's Next Top Model contestant Lisa D'Amato was perhaps playing with her fans, after she tweeted a snap of some of her friends enjoying a smoothie touted to be made from her blended afterbirth.

The new mother, who gave birth to her first child Daxel Vaughn a little over a week ago, posted the picture with a caption declaring herself to be an advocate for the practise of eating one's own placental expulsion, on Sunday.

Ingesting one's placenta is thought by many people to have important health benefits, but with little to no scientific evidence to back up the claim.


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So it's questionable whether the model is in fact a practitioner of the arcane health regimen.

Nonetheless, the 31-year-old captioned her snap: 'Placenta smoothie party w/ @joaniedodds @spraguetheleg who's next?!?!'

The accompanying photo depicted her former ANTM co-star Joanie Dodds and friend Chris Sprague sipping on straws out of glasses filled with a reddish substance, while the new mother cradled their son in her arms.

But it may have not been the first time as Friday saw the reality star tweet: 'Prepped my 1st placenta "hers and his" smoothies for my hub and I.'

Adding: 'Tastes like a smoothie! :-) #controversy'.
Consuming one's placenta following childbirth is a common practise among mammals in the wild, to remove all traces of the newborn to guard against predators.

But many people believe that the ingestion of the placenta can help aid the recovery process for the mother directly after labour.

Meanwhile, the feisty model has been settling into family life since last October when she tied the knot with her entrepreneur husband.
And in the last week of September Lisa welcomed her first child, a baby boy whom she gave the rather unusual moniker Daxel Vaughn.

The happy mother was the first to break the news of her special arrival in an announcement on Twitter.

The exuberant star shared an Instagram picture collage of the newborn saying, 'My baby boy Daxel Vaughn Friedman is born! He is 7pds 2oz and he is perfect! I'm in love'

In the sweet picture baby Daxel's tiny feet could be seen as well as a view of his tiny face although he looked to be fast asleep as his eyes were closed.
Whilst the name Daxel Vaughn could be considered an unusual choice his former reality star mother is known for her somewhat outlandish and unusual taste.

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Oh please. It's a berry smoothie. BFD.
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