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Defunding debt ceiling and democrat lies, lies, and more lies
« on: October 08, 2013, 07:18:56 AM »
Defunding Debt Ceiling and Democrat Lies, Lies, and More Lies

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Am I mistaken or were Obama’s gloom and doom speeches lies?

Let’s ask some questions about the latest fabricated crisis that has been presented to the public by the Democrats using false narratives. It might be fair to say that perhaps never in American history have the issues been so blurred and distorted with intentional lies by an American political party when it comes to Obamacare, the debt ceiling, and the defunding of the US government. The Democrats have not only unashamedly twisted the truth and misrepresented what the impact of these issues would be, but have denied Americans access to the truth about the Affordable Care Act.

Dramatizing a non-existent crisis

The current government shutdown that the GOP has been blamed by President Obama in actuality has only denied the federal government 17% of total funding needed for all government operations. So, with 83% of the funding already being provided by the House of Representatives why are the Democrats calling it an economic melt-down? Why is an open air World War II Memorial Monument being guarded with 17 security personnel and barricades when there is nothing there but a park with a sidewalk encircling a huge monument depicting Marine soldiers raising the American flag on Iwo Jima? Why were guards assigned to keep World War II vets from visiting their monument? Could it be that the President, Senator Harry Reid, and Democratic Congressmen wanted a shutdown for the political gain they anticipated?

Sunday night it was announced that even though the Democrats do not have to they are shutting down the Amber Alert system just to make the situation that much more painful and threatening over a mere 17% of revenue cuts. If this in not federal government fascism I do not know what is!

How can you blame the GOP?

Republicans brought forth every funding proposal needed to keep the federal government running, furloughed federal employees compensated for lost wages after the shut-down is lifted, and any essential services included. However, the President and his administration is intentionally causing as much pain over a 17% defunding of the federal government as they possibly can so they can blame the Speaker of the House, John Boehner and the GOP. Our troops can no longer get Armed Services Radio. Why would the White House allow this? Why would they go out of their way to victimize our armed services men and women around the world like this? It is preposterous. They want to inflict pain that they can attribute to the Republican majority Congress.

Democrat modus operandi

It does not matter to them that the people do not want Obamacare. It does not matter that Obamacare has been acknowledged by one of its creators Max Baucus, a Democrat, who characterized the Affordable Care Act as a “Train wreck”. It does not matter that President Obama stated that he would not negotiate with the GOP. It does not matter the actions of the Democrats including Harry Reid refused to work with the Republicans on funding solutions. The White House wanted a shut-down they could blame the GOP for. Repeating the lie over and over and over again, using character assassination as a tactic straight out of Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals” which has been embraced by Democrats as their bible when it comes to replacing factual debates they cannot win with distraction as a classic tool of changing the argument.

When government websites all over the country crashed as people sought insurance coverage at exchanges under the Affordable Health Care Act and when an average family sees their 363 dollar a month coverage mushroom to 829 dollars a month with a higher deductible something is deathly wrong. The Democrats have proven that they are not interested in providing affordable health care because as we get the facts and more of the 2700 page bill is being divulged, affordability has little to do with Obamacare. It’s all about government control! The most intrusive legislation yet to invade our privacy, use the threat of tax confiscation to enforce, and to widely release the health records of patients to just about anyone anywhere without secure methods.

Can’t ignore the facts

While the media turns the debt ceiling into a circus of false Democrat narratives that have been regurgitated from the White House the facts remain. The US would not be on the verge of a fiscal crisis if it were not for the uncontrolled spending of President Obama and the White House. It’s not a question of raising the debt ceiling it is a question of controlling spending. It is a question of balancing a budget instead of continually violating that budget and pushing the country into a potential default or credit  down grade as President Obama did in 2011. The federal government must be trimmed, streamlined, and forced to acknowledge limits to its spending. Each debt ceiling crisis and vote for increase only encourages more irresponsible federal fiscal mismanagement. This we know from the record spending of the Obama White House that has eclipsed every administration that ever spent tax payer’s money to run the federal government.

The blame game

Yet, the Democrats and the US media will continually blame the GOP for trying to limit spending as the present deficit is now more ay 17 trillion than the GDP of the entire US private sector at an annual rate of 14.3 trillion in privately generated revenues. This is an inconvenient truth that you will not hear reporters bring up in the course of an interview with the President. You will not hear the press ask the President why his refusal to deal with the GOP set the stage of an irrevocable shut-down when all the Republicans were doing was listening to the will of the people and merely defunding Obamacare. This became the Democrat’s carte Blanche strategy to force a shut-down and blame the GOP for it. Purely political, purely deceptive, and purely from the diseased rationale of an Obama administration dead set on forcing the Affordable Care Act down our throats along with the draconian enforcement that will come with it.

The Ultimate intention

Why wouldn’t a responsible federal government want to balance its budget? Wouldn’t a responsible government want a system that eliminated unnecessary costs and get more bang for the tax payer’s buck? Because of politics, money needs to be there to buy the votes. Obamacare is not only about unleashing police state type enforcement, but it’s about allowing illegal aliens to be able to apply for and get benefits paid for by American tax dollars. The Democrats don’t mind bankrupting the nation over giving 11 million illegal aliens free health care as this will buy their votes for the Democrats. Remember, Eric Holder’s DOJ is working overtime to attack state’s voter laws and requirements for voter ID. This will open the floodgates for fraudulent voting, illegal immigrant voters, and keep the ruling class (Democrats) in power! There’s the truth behind all of the diatribe and double talk going on between the Democrats, the US media, and the low information voter they are trying to influence with their lies!
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Re: Defunding debt ceiling and democrat lies, lies, and more lies
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2013, 08:31:20 AM »
Yet the worker bees wake up every day to pay their taxes and feed the leviathan.  It will get better they say.
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