Author Topic: Guantanamo Bay prisoner to be released after 11 years due to 'severe mental illness'  (Read 367 times)

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    Ibrahim Idris has been held as an enemy combatant but not formally charged
    Idris, who is in his 50s, suffers from schizophrenia
    He was captured with al Qaeda fighters in 2001 by Pakistani forces
    His lawyers argue that his illness was so severe he does not pose a security threat
    US District Judge Royce Lamberth issued a release order on Friday

I give it 2 months before he starts killing infedels.

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Uh...just exactly where is he going to be released?  :scared smiley:
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his illness was so severe he does not pose a security threat
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Same illness as the Navy Yard shooter or the WH car attacker?  The haunting "electronic kind"?   

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