Author Topic: Obama Inc. shutting down private restaraunts on federal land  (Read 269 times)

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Obama Inc. shutting down private restaraunts on federal land
« on: October 05, 2013, 06:14:47 AM »
Obama Inc. Shutting Down Private Restaurants on Federal Land

October 4, 2013 By Daniel Greenfield 19 Comments

The National Park Service is implementing the Government Shutdown in much the same way an idiot or computer might, by taking it as literally as possible and implementing it as widely as possible.


The whole point of the shutdown is to bring attention to it.

Ridiculous amounts of time and effort are being spent to keep WW2 veterans out of an open air WW2 memorial which has thus far been cordoned off with everything from concrete barricades to mounted officers to steel wire.

Cemeteries in France have been closed. The Grand Canyon was shut down despite Arizona’s willingness to keep it open and fund it. George Washington’s entire estate faced an attempted barricading because the National Park Service possibly owned one of its parking lots, even though Mount Vernon itself is privately owned and funded and has never accepted government money.

Not satisfied with that insanity, the next wave of attacks were launched by the Park Service against private restaurants on Federal land.

One example now in the news, the Pisgah Inn, has been privately run by one family for decades, but is in a building owned by the Park Service. The road it’s on is open. That means there’s no conceivable reason to shut it down.

The government doesn’t run the Pisgah Inn. It doesn’t staff it or fund it or spend any more money on it when it’s open than when it’s closed. Any responsibilities it has for the building are limited to the structure. And the local town handles police and fire.

Nevertheless the Park Service has been waging a war against the Pisgah Inn demanding that it close because the Park Service claims, repeating Reid and Obama’s idiotic talking point, that they can’t just close things down “piecemeal”.

Except there’s no actual need to close down places like the Claude Moore Colonial Farm or the Pisgah Inn which the Park Service may act as a landlord for, but does not run. There is no reason why NPS can’t go on ignoring those places. Instead it’s choosing to go after them.


The Pisgah Inn is currently defying the government, after briefly agreeing to shut down. The Cliff House under the Golden Gate Bridge is shutting down.

As a result of this closure, KTVU-TV reported the restaurant has had to help people find different venues for weddings and other events planned for this weekend.

NPS spokeswoman Alexandra Picavet called the restaurant’s closure “really sad” and “so counter to everything that the National Park Service does.”

Coordinators “have worked tirelessly to find them a different place not affected by the shutdown,” Picavet said.

We’re in very strange territory here
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