Author Topic: Dallas school district says providing free breakfast and lunch for kids will ‘save money’  (Read 251 times)

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Dallas school district says providing free breakfast and lunch for kids will ‘save money’

Friday, Oct 4, 2013 at 9:02 AM -0700
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TheBlaze is reporting a story this morning that didn’t make Glenn too happy with his beloved state of Texas. The Dallas Independent School District is now providing lunch and breakfast for all students, free.


Well, they say it’s going to save money.

“Excuse me?” Glenn questioned, having a hard time understanding the logic that spending more money in public schools will somehow save money.

According to the report, Dora Rivas, the executive director of Food and Child Nutrition Services, told NBC-DFW, that students who have nutritious meals every day perform better in school.

“It is impossible for students to do their best work if they’re hungry. Through this provision everyone wins, especially our students,” she said.

Sure, kids who are healthy will do better in school. But is teaching kids from the beginning that the state is supposed to pay for two of their meals a day really helping students? And is that the school decision to make anyway?

Glenn doesn’t think so. He believes they’re training kids to think their parents aren’t responsible for their well-being.

“Mom and Dad will only responsible for one meal per day after this is implemented,” Glenn explained.

“By the time they get out of school, they’ll be like, ‘why am I paying for breakfast? I’ve never paid for breakfast a day in my life.’ You have to remember, we used to have to make our sandwiches ourselves. And we used to have to get up in the morning and make our breakfast ourselves. We used to have to pay our way,” Glenn continued. “That’s one of the reasons why we are so against these things.”

How are the claims that this will “save money” even possible? Apparently, it’s going to save money because of paperwork.

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