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 The Administration is still furiously spinning ObamaCare's disastrous launch - which was, if anything, worse than most critics predicted. Who thought there would be zero successful applicants from several states, including HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius' home state of Kansas?

 Is this truly acceptable performance from a system that cost billions to create, whose designers had three full years to implement it, with far better advance knowledge of the probable traffic load than private-sector endeavors handling far larger business volumes? It is difficult to survey the results of the first week without feeling that heads would be rolling after a rollout like this at a company like Apple, which President Obama is fond of invoking as a comparison.

 But working for Big Government means never having to say you're sorry. You just have to suppress dissent, make a few angry speeches about the "settled law of the land," savage anyone who wants to shut your broken program down as an "extremist," and find a few success stories for the media to tout. A handful of front-page happy participants can outweigh a million ignored complaints. The important thing is to make the dissenters feel like they're isolated, or at least in the minority.

 The funny thing about ObamaCare is that it's having a lot of trouble producing any success stories for friendly media to spotlight. The press went nuts when the White House pointed them to a single young man who managed to enroll at the exchanges... but they didn't tell the media he's an Obama volunteer with a history of political activism, and they didn't ask, until after the first wave of absurdly over-the-top coverage had splashed across websites and newspapers.

 How can a government program spend this much money, when there were supposedly 30, 40, or 50 million uninsured Americans clamoring for ObamaCare coverage, and have this much trouble finding anyone who really likes it? No matter what you think of the overall wisdom of a massive government program, there should be a sizable number of targeted beneficiaries who applaud it. Their absence in this case is notable.

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