Author Topic: NBC's Chuck Todd Reverses Policy on Gaffes Being Political Stunts  (Read 365 times)

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by John Nolte 4 Oct 2013, 5:21 AM PDT

9:28 - BREAKING: NBC's  Chuck Todd Reverses Policy on Gaffes Being Political Stunts

After being OWNED by Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn (I'll have the video soon), the same Chuck Todd who declared the uproar over Harry Reid dismissing kids with cancer as a "political stunt" then played video of a Republican telling a park ranger she should be ashamed of herself for blocking WWII vets from their open-air memorial.

No political stunt was making hay out this.

Oh, no, it was a real GOP misstep.

You know, cuz Chuck Todd says so.

On top of that, Todd lamented the poor unpaid park workers without informing his audience that the GOP have offered to fund these parks and the park workers and that it is Democrats and Obama blocking this funding.

On top of THAT, the same Chuck Todd who accused GOP lawmakers of living in a bubble on Morning Joe just a few hours before, then hosted a panel where everyone agreed with him that the GOP are stupid and doomed.

Overall, during his MSNBC show today, Todd came off as frustrated and flustered; which usually means good news for America.
8:59 - Hollowed-Out Volcano Meeting Results In New Media Strategy: FEAR

Do the media really meet every night in a hollowed-out volcano to discuss the next day's political strategy?

I think they do, and I think Chuck Todd sits at the head of the table stroking a white kitten.

Okay, I'm kidding. They really meet in a velvet bubble that serves Starbucks.

How else to explain how dozens of media outlets that are supposed to compete with one another are all on the exact same page every single morning?

Wherever they meet or however this happens, this is what is happening today….

The media era of the shutdown sob story is over. Because the GOP have agreed, and Democrats and Obama have refused to fund the parks, veteran services, and the National Institute of Health, the media are  no longer interested in reporting on individuals inconvenienced by or put in jeopardy over those closings -- not when it means those stories will hurt Democrats.

So instead, today the media have decided to try and terrify the public over the coming debt ceiling debate.

Keep in mind, though, that this is the same media that joined Obama's Chicken Little propaganda over the sequester cuts. And we all know that did not result in widespread cannibalism. It didn’t even hurt the economy, because as we all know from the media, Obama's economy is awesome!

The idea, of course, is for the media to try and use the Debt Ceiling to terrify the public into putting pressure on the GOP to cave. 

In summation, today's media narrative is: "Wolf, America! Wolf! For realsies this time!"


8:53 - BREAKING: Media Suspend 'New Tone Era' To Win Budget Battle for Obama

After the tragic shooting of Rep. Gabby Giffords, the media and Democrats said it was time for what they called a "New Tone." Gone would be the days of the violent political metaphor. We weren't even going to be allowed to use the term "targeting." Oh, and the media was going to enforce this New Tone Era by ensuring that any politician who violated it would pay a heavy political price.

The President even gave speeches about the New Tone, and oh how the media wiped their tears and applauded.

Moreover, it wasn't just lawmakers who would pay a price, it would also be their supporters -- like Tea Partiers who used words as dangerous as "socialist."

But now that Obama desperately needs a political win, the media have suspended the New Tone Era. Here is a list of what the media have allowed to go unpunished in just the last week or so.

The era of the New Tone is over and it was the media that killed it ... purely for partisan political reasons.

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