Author Topic: Fox News Poll: 81 percent disapprove of Congress, 49 percent disapprove of Obama  (Read 304 times)

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I've said it before but I will say it again. That 81% disapproval rating is practically meaningless because it refers to the entire institution and not individual Congressmen. For most voters it ain't their guy but the guys from other districts. If that weren't true we would see wholesale turnovers in Congress at each election but we never do. Instead,
from 1982 through 2006:  95.17% of incumbents who sought reelection were successful
. That was though 2006 and I doubt it has changed much since.

Remember the famous observation by President Reagan comparing reelection rates to our Congress and the Soviet Duma? Their turnover was greater than ours.

Obama, though, is an individual and his disapproval rating has meaning, though it's obvious by his actions he doesn't care. He has been reelected and cannot run anymore. His Democrat colleagues, however, have to and they cannot be too happy about these numbers.
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