Author Topic: WH on Number of Enrollees in Obamacare: We 'Don't Have that Data' Daniel Halper  (Read 462 times)

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WH on Number of Enrollees in Obamacare: We 'Don't Have that Data'
Daniel Halper
October 3, 2013 2:10 PM

White House spokesman Jay Carney, an "essential" federal employee, can tell you how many people have visited the Obamacare website ("7 million") but he can't tell you how many people have enrolled in Obamacare:

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Carney says that 7 million "unique" visitors is more than the number of visitors Southwest Airlines gets in a month to their website.

"But we don't have -- 48 hours, no -- we don't have that data," he said. "And we're not -- we're focused on improving the consumer experience, making sure that the American people have the information they need through and through the toll-free number to begin to make assessments about what kind of insurance they'd like."

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Bull caca.  From a technical standpoint, it's easier to find out how many people signed up than it is to determine the number of unique visitors.  Some pointy headed nerd (such as myself  :seeya:) knows exactly how many people have signed up.  The software developers who built the site(s) are working 24/7 right now and they know certain things for sure, even if they can't make the site run well.  One of the things they know is the number of people who have signed up.
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They ought to look on the internet then because there are stats out there already. He is just lying nothing new.

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You know if they had a big number of people signing up they would broadcast it all over the place.

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they only keep track of the ones dumb enough to tell them they keep firearms in the house

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