Author Topic: EPIC FAIL: Los Angeles high schools now confiscate all free iPads they gave students  (Read 380 times)

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Oh, brother.

Hilariously, officials at high schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District are now taking back a couple thousand iPads a week or so after giving them to students as part of a 47-school pilot program.

The mass repossession is the latest in a series of responses by school officials to the fact that hundreds of students figured out almost immediately how to hack the security settings on their iPads. Another 71 kids ostensibly lost their iPads just as immediately

Each iPad cost the school district $700. School district officials have said that the eventual goal is to supply every kid with one of the devices as part of a technology plan that will cost $1 billion.

As of Friday, students at Westchester High School and Roosevelt High School are now bereft of their iPads, reports the Los Angeles Times. At least most of them are now bereft, anyway. A Roosevelt teacher told the Times that about one-third of the devices still remain unaccounted for.

They carted them out of every classroom in sixth period,” Westchester senior Brian Young told The Times on Monday. “There has been no word of when they’ll be back.”
[emphasis added]

Rumor has it that the "lost" and missing iPads are now in public hands or have been sold.
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I did NOT see that one coming... /sarc
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This was a Charlie Foxtrot from the beginning.  I work in IT, and most districts have realized this is a very bad idea.

One of the two districts in this county will not give out tablets to their students.  The other did it for a few, very specific classes, probably less than 100 students.  For a student to get one, their parents had to agree to pay for the iPad if it went missing.
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