Author Topic: Peter King and the 'moderates' are "tired" of conservatives (like Ted Cruz)  (Read 361 times)

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Peter King and the Moderates are "Tired" of Conservatives

By Onan Coca   / 2 October 2013   / 523 Comments   

Color Congressman Peter King (R-NY) angry. He is fed up with having to jump through all these hoops being laid out by Senator Ted Cruz, and he’s not going to take it anymore! The mordant representative from Long Island, New York is sick and tired of feeling like Cruz is leading the Republican Party, and he was on Fox News to tell the world about it.

“We have too many people in our party, it’s a minority, who are following Ted Cruz, and they are tying up the entire Republican Party… The overwhelming majority of House members would vote to keep the government open. I’m tired of having Ted Cruz call the shots for the House Republicans.”

Once again, the moderates of the GOP caucus have things all wrong. Living in their little Washington, D.C. bubble, they have come to believe that they create the paths down which the party follows. Nothing can be further from the truth, Mr. King. Nothing.

For the Republican representatives who went home for the August recess, there can be little doubt about what the people who vote Republican want. We want the complete and utter destruction of Obamacare. Socialized medicine is anathema to the average Republican voter, and we let those souls brave enough to hold town halls over the recess know it.

I think Chuck Woolery (yes, that Chuck Woolery) says it best.

Here’s the thing, I completely understand part of the moderate’s argument about not filibustering to defund Obamacare. They don’t have the votes to get it done. Or, if a couple of Democrats cross the aisle and help and they do get it done… they can’t override the President’s veto.

That’s so not the point.

The point is that we want to see our politicians care as much about some of these issues as we do. As a voting block, we are vehemently against Obamacare – and we want you to be too. That means – do as much as you possibly can to gum up the Obamacare works. It’s already failing under its own weight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help it along.

Peter King again:

“We should have been negotiating for the last several weeks on changes we wanted to make to ObamaCare, like in the medical device tax… I think we could have gotten that approved, if that had been part of a negotiation… But because of Ted Cruz, it was all or nothing.”

Peter King is mad because Senator Cruz’s filibuster got in the way of other options they could have been pursuing… why? What is this tunnel vision that Rep. King seems to have? Could the GOP not have been pursuing both options at the same time? Did Ted Cruz somehow close down all of the conference rooms on Capitol Hill where the other members of the Party could be meeting with Democrats to discuss some amendments to the law?

Peter King apparently lives in a world where politics is played like Checkers, and once you’ve put your hand on a piece, that’s the only move you can make. The problem isn’t Ted Cruz’s strategy; the problem is that GOP moderates aren’t even playing the right game.

tedcruzThe reason it seems to Peter King that Ted Cruz is running the show, is because the vast majority of Republican voters around the country SUPPORT CRUZ’S TACITCS!

Republican voters are tired of playing a game of footsy under the table with the Democrats. They want aggressive maneuvers that are backed by aggressive countermoves. They don’t want the GOP making empty threats and begging the White House to call their bluff…

We want the threats to be real. We want the threats to have teeth. We want to see a Republican Party that is willing to take a hit to their self-esteem in order to win our country a better future. For too long we have sat back and watched timid Republicans appease the Democrat Left with moderate proposals that meet them halfway.

We are done playing Checkers, Mr. King (and the rest of the GOP moderates)… we are ready to get on board with Ted Cruz and his fellow “whacko birds.” Even if (or maybe especially if) it means strapping on the pads and getting ready for political blood sport.

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Article title:
"Peter King and the 'moderates' are "tired" of conservatives (like Ted Cruz)"

In other news:
"Sand castle is tired of large wave headed in its direction"

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