Author Topic: Kudos Australia: newly elect PM Tony Abbott sends Muslim asylum seeder boats back to Indonesia  (Read 530 times)

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KUDOS AUSTRALIA: Newly elected PM Tony Abbott sends Muslim asylum seeker boats back to Indonesia


One of the asylum seeker boats sank off the coast of Indonesia, at least 50 dead, 30 missing. Who cares? They should be seeking asylum in Indonesia first, a MUSLIM country. With Abbott in control, no more free transport to Australia by the Navy every time they yell ‘SOS.’ No more open door to Muslim economic asylum seekers seeking to become entitlement whores.

ABC  (h/t Marina) For the second time in 24 hours, Australian authorities are attempting to return asylum seekers to Indonesia after rescuing them at sea. The Australian Customs ship, ACV Triton, is attempting to get permission to enter Indonesian waters to offload 31 asylum seekers rescued overnight. If permission is granted it will be the second time since yesterday that Australian rescue authorities have returned asylum seekers to Indonesia.


The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) told its Indonesian equivalent Basarnas the “preference is for a transfer at sea” to Indonesian authorities.

Overnight the Australian Navy made a mid-ocean transfer of more than 40 asylum seekers to Basarnas. The 44 asylum seekers and two crew members were on a boat which issued a distress call 40 nautical miles off Java on Thursday morning.


Suyatno, the head of operations at the Jakarta office of Indonesia’s rescue agency Basarnas, says his agency did not have the capability to reach the boat. The Australian Navy intercepted the vessel and then advised Basarnas that it would drop the asylum seekers off.

In the early hours of Friday morning an Indonesian rescue crew met a Navy ship off the coast of Java and the asylum seekers were handed over.

An interception of this kind, where the Australian Navy hands asylum seekers back to Indonesian authorities after being asked to assist in their rescue, only happened once during the six years of the last Labor government. On that occasion, last year, a boat sank near the mouth of the Sunda Strait off west Java.

The asylum seekers said the Navy told them they would be taken to Darwin for medical treatment. But in the middle of the night, the Australian Navy forced the sick and sunburnt Afghan asylum seekers onto a Basarnas boat to be returned to Indonesia. At the time the Labor government claimed that was an operational decision made by the Navy.

On all other occasions when asylum seekers have been intercepted by Australian authorities, they have been taken to Christmas Island.

Survivors from an asylum-seeker boat that sank off Indonesia claim their desperate pleas to Australian authorities for help were ignored as their vessel foundered in heavy seas.


NineMSN (h/t Marina)  The death toll on Saturday expected to surpass 50, with 30 or so people still missing. Indonesian authorities say that at least 21 people, including seven children, drowned when the boat, which was believed to be carrying about 80 passengers, sank on Friday off the coast of Java.

Immigration and Border Protection minister Scott Morrison said Australian authorities received a call about the vessel on Friday morning that placed the stricken boat about 25 nautical miles of Indonesia.


An all-ships broadcast was issued by Australian authorities, but a merchant ship and a border protection aircraft were both unable to find the vessel.

The dead, wrapped in yellow bodybags, some stacked on top of each other, could be seen on Saturday, exposed to the sun and heat in an open storage room of a clinic in the village of Agrabinta, near where they had washed ashore the previous day.

Typical Leftist Scum
Typical Leftist Scum

One of the survivors, Lebanese man Hussein Khodr, had reportedly lost his pregnant wife and eight children in the disaster. (WOW, what a load that would have been on the welfare rolls)

But some of the survivors say that more lives could have been saved, claiming that as many as 10 calls to Australian authorities were either eventually ignored or treated as a low priority.

“We called them and we told them we’re sinking, we need anybody to help us,” 28-year-old Abdullah al Qisi said, according to The Australian newspaper. ”And they were telling us ‘we’re coming, we’re coming’ and they didn’t come,” he said. (Awwwww)


There were also claims on Saturday that the crew had abandoned ship shortly after setting off, and that the passengers had been left to fend for themselves for five days, drifting around with no engine, before calamity finally struck on Friday. (That’s what the Muslim traffickers do, abandon ship, tell the people how to call for help and expect the Australians to pick them up)

It’s the first known fatal attempted asylum-seeker crossing under the Tony Abbott coalition government, which promised that it would stop boats reaching Australia after it won this month’s federal election. (BRAVO!)
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At least the new administration in Oz has the intestinal fortitude to "send them back".

Maybe they have a chance yet to survive after the rest of the English-speaking Euro-descended world goes under.

Paging Jean Raspail -- please pick up the (red for "revision") courtesy phone...

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