Author Topic: Ron Paul Institute Blames America for Muslim Kenya Mall Attack  (Read 444 times)

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Ron Paul Institute Blames America for Muslim Kenya Mall Attack
« on: October 01, 2013, 09:10:50 AM »
The Ron Paul Institute is not the institution to which Ron Paul has been committed. It’s the Ron Paul outlet. And it reflects his Blame America for Muslim Terror philosophy.

    What happened in Kenya is a terrorist act. But for Obama to tell the rest of the story would undermine his narrative and unravel Washington’s strange relationship with the al-Qaeda affilliated al-Shabaab organization that claimed responsibility for the attack. Al-Shabaab, or “Mujahideen Youth Movement,” in fact owes its birth to US interventionism in Africa, as it sprang up from the ashes of the Islamic Courts Movement that had ruled Somalia until a US-sponsored invasion by Ethiopia destroyed the Courts Movement in 2007 and divided supporters into factions. Some decided to work with the US-supported Transitional Federal Government (TFG); others, like the al-Shabaab, decided to resist US and other foreign occupation and intervention in Somali affairs.

    As globetrotting analyst Pepe Escobar points out in a highly recommended recent article, the Islamic Courts had generally stabilized Somalia and disarmed many of the militias. They were proponents of Sharia law, which the US found intolerable and labeled “terrorist,” opening the door for the brand new US Africa Command, based in Germany, to begin working on regime change.

The Islamic Courts Union had stabilized Somalia the way that the Taliban had stabilized Afghanistan.  That didn’t stop liberals from repeatedly defending the ICU, despite its nightmarish atrocities.

However the Ron Paul Institute claims that the Islamic Courts Union would have left the rest of Africa alone if we left them alone. This single idiotic idea underpins the Paul isolationism position. It’s also laughably untrue....

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