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The true definition of fascism in America part II
« on: October 01, 2013, 07:38:12 AM »
The True Definition of Fascism in America Part II

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When will the people realize?

Never before in America has there been such a schism of denial and willful ignorance inherent among a leader’s supporters. A charismatic leader whose policies are destroying the very country that the low information voter entrusts their idol to protect goes unscrutinized by objective reasoning. Such is the case as President Obama campaigns at 2 year colleges to the impressionable and inexperienced minds of the young who can’t see the lies. In a fascist regime, the dictator is usually a glorified figure who the people trust no matter how many times he contradicts his promises of prosperity and might to his country. Such madmen as Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, and Castro relied heavily on a media created and supported image of benevolent intention though the policies they advocated doomed their societies to isolation, militarism, hampered industry, and intrusive rule that used fear and intimidation to carry out enforcement of law.

Public perception easy to fool

Obama fascistWith the rise of these charismatic, fascist, figures whose eloquent speeches and promises mesmerized the apathetic masses, came social transformations that violated constitutions, laws of the republics, and were even brought about using manufactured crises such as the burning of the Reichstag to mobilize public opinion in favor of police state laws. Was it not Rahm Emmanuel who said, “Never let a crisis go to waste,” as these circumstances can be used to manipulate the masses into supporting policies they would not normally agree with.

PR to woo the sheep

The public’s perception of the dictator is crucial in his rise to power. Often the true details of his personal life must be altered  or hidden in order to carefully craft an image for public consumption so that the unsuspecting followers will not give rise to suspicions. Does Barack Hussein Obama not fit into this category of having a manufactured identification? No one really knows the truth of his actual origins. A sheriff’s investigative team proved that the President’s birth certificate displayed on the White House website was a fraud and could easily take the entire document manufactured by a software program apart layer by layer. Even though this constitutes a felony violation of forging a federal document and would nullify Obama’s right to occupy the oval office, nothing has been done. He has remained in power.

Spitting on our founding fathers

Let us analyze the present fascist landscape taking shape in America, a concept considered unthinkable a few short years ago. When the federal government maintains significant administrative, fiscal, and legal authority over several major segments of the private sector business element, than we have only one interpretation of that form of state sanctioned intrusion and it has nothing to do with a Constitutional republic. Yet, America like so many nations in the past, arrogantly denies that it has been taken over and has become a fascist regime. Just ask the Egyptian movie producer who was falsely accused and jailed for offending Muslims a day after our President and State Department allowed 4 Americans to be murdered in Benghazi. Was it not Hitler’s gestapo who used to drag people out of their homes in the middle of the night and imprison them if not worse?

White House targets its enemies

The use of federal agencies to intimidate, threaten, and discourage parties opposed to the administration in office, is this not defined as fascism? With recent revelations of NSA spying upon innocent Americans, with the IRS targeting of conservative groups seeking perfectly legal tax exempt status for voter awareness projects, with our Attorney General, Eric Holder, caught in the act of ordering illegal wiretapping on the Associated Press, we see the unadulterated proof of a White House that has resorted to police state tactics in order to remain in power! We have seen President Obama continually lying about the part played by his administration in law breaking that the Congress seems powerless to prosecute. Is this not also a symptom of fascism when the party in power got there by installing unelected and appointed officials who refuse to carry out the law of the land and prosecute those who are clearly violating it? From the radical appointees in the Supreme Court to those liberal judges appointed in the circuit courts who establish policy from the bench, America’s government has been taken over without firing a shot. Yet, there have been some untimely deaths conveniently overlooked by the controlled state US media.

State control of the loan markets

With the imposition of the Dodd Frank Bill that was supposedly a legislative move to prevent another financial disaster that caused the infamous bail out of 2009, once again we can clearly see the weight of government intrusion into the affairs of the private sector home loan lending markets. Dictating to people what type of loan, how much of a down payment should be made, establishing limits over the amount of home that the buyer qualifies for, imposing the presence of low income buyers in affluent neighborhoods to force racial equality in communities targeted for such determination by federal officials, these are just a few of the directives of the Dodd Frank legislation. Just another segment of private sector industry that is now regulated by the federal bureaucracy pointing to state control.

Poised to happen again

With Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac continuing to absorb millions in losses the federal loan guarantee giants once again face another threat of fiscal insolvency. Though there have been talks of selling off these two federal loan guarantors and privatizing these tax payer funded entities, who would want to take the risk of investing into the acquisition of these risky entities? Regardless of the supposed bail out in 2009 by the Obama White House, little has been done to shore up the besieged federal loan bureaucracy poised for yet another massive failure!

US Constitution only a minor obstacle to its enemies

When state directives that would normally have violated the Constitution are imposed with a political agenda of draconian intention you can bet that government control will not merely stop at the writing of the seemingly innocuous laws. Those measures will be enforced to the wishes of liberal fascism which never takes no for an answer. Regardless of the will of the people, fascism imposes an all knowing, all seeing rationale that assumes it knows better than the people what is best for them. America as a Constitutional republic is being rapidly dissolved as the Obama administration works unceasingly to dismantle it. A young generation of followers blindly trust the onslaught being carried out by President Obama as the willful ignorance of his constituency is his ultimately his strength. History tells us how such charismatic dictators have ruthlessly attained the trust of their supporters.

In Part III we will further discuss fascist government in America.
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