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Emily Miller: Obama ‘the most rabidly anti-gun president in history’ [VIDEO]

11:02 PM 09/29/2013

Just as Secretary of State John Kerry signed the controversial U.N. Arms Trade Treaty last week, setting up yet another legislative battle over guns, we interviewed one of the leading women on the issue of gun rights in America.

After a home invasion, Washington Times opinion editor Emily Miller navigated the convoluted, bureaucratic process of purchasing and registering a handgun in the nation’s capital. Her experience formed the basis of “Emily Gets Her Gun …But Obama Wants to Take Yours,” a book to help “educate the public on the facts of gun control and gun violence.” She is convinced that “liberals use feelings” to push their agenda, “while conservatives focus on facts.”

“Obama, [New York Mayor Michael] Bloomberg and the liberal media are determined to mislead the public,” Miller said. “They want people to think that the more guns there are, the more dangerous it is. That’s not true. They want people to think mass shootings are up. That’s not true. And they want people to believe, mostly, that gun control, gun control laws, that government controlling our guns leads to less gun violence. And that’s been proven false repeatedly.”

Miller claims President Obama exploits each mass shootings, using tragic occasions to push his political agenda to gain more government control over our lives. She provides examples of how DC’s nonsensical laws are making criminals out of national heroes and how the mainstream media distorts facts to push an agenda. She then offers tips on what ordinary people can do to battle the propaganda campaign by gun-control advocates.

In a previous segment, Miller discussed the significance of Bloomberg’s defeat, against a grassroots movement led by a plumber in Pueblo in the Colorado recall elections for state senators who sponsored strict gun control laws there.

Watch Part 1:

Read more:

Rabidly anti-gun?  I would say rabidly anti-Constitutional. :peeonobama:
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Re: Emily Miller": Obama the 'most rabidly anti-gun president in history
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Obama has no problem making sure radical Muslims get all the guns they want, but demands Americans lose their gun rights. I wonder why?  /s

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Re: Emily Miller": Obama the 'most rabidly anti-gun president in history
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Penis envy by extension.
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