Author Topic: House Hearing Room Bursts Out Laughing at Obama's ‘Red Line’ on CR  (Read 486 times)

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Good grief, what does this say about our Fearless Leader?

People attending a House Rules Committee hearing on Saturday evening burst into laughter when Rep. Jim McGovern (D.-Mass.) affirmed to House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers (R.-Ky.) that President Barack Obama, by threatening to veto a continuing resolution to fund the government past Monday if it includes a House amendment to delay Obamacare, has thus “drawn a red line” on the  CR.

Rogers: “Would the gentleman yield?

McGovern: "I happily yield." Rogers: "You say the president has threatened to veto the bill?" McGovern: "No, he hasn’t threatened. He said he absolutely will veto."

Rogers: "He’s drawn a red line has he?"

McGovern: "Yep." At this point, the small hearing room—which was largely filled with committee members, other members of Congress who had come to testify and congressional staff—burst into laughter.

At this point McGovern stated,
his belief that the president was serious

Doggone you guys, this time he really, really means it.
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Re: House Hearing Room Bursts Out Laughing at Obama's ‘Red Line’ on CR
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Rich, isn't it?
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Re: House Hearing Room Bursts Out Laughing at Obama's ‘Red Line’ on CR
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The red diaper baby is fond of drawing red lines, isn't he?
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