Author Topic: Saudi Sheikh Has This ‘Scientific’ Warning: Driving Affects Women’s Pelvises and Ovaries  (Read 467 times)

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Doggone it, I KNEW there was a reason women shouldn't drive.

As women in Saudi Arabia prepare to challenge the kingdom’s ban on female driving next month, a leading Saudi cleric is warning women that driving could damage their ovaries and pelvises and could result in babies born with medical problems.

Sheikh Saleh bin Saad al-Luhaydan, decribed by Reuters as “one of Saudi Arabia’s top conservative clerics” warns that driving “rolls up the pelvis.”

 consultant to the Gulf Psychological Association, al-Luhaydan issued this warning about female driving in an interview published on the website on Friday: “Physiological science and functional medicine studied this side [and found] that it automatically affects ovaries and rolls up the pelvis. This is why we find for women who continuously drive cars their children are born with clinical disorders of varying degrees.”

Women who want to be permitted to drive should place “reason ahead of their hearts, emotions and passions,” he said.

Posted as a public service warning for the ladies on here. No need to thank me.

No, really.
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The good news is Danica can never get pregnant!       :beer:    :howlin:
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