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Arrogance and Audacity, Typical Obama Weapons, Are Helping ObamaCare
   By Jerry McConnell Saturday, September 28, 2013

There is no end to Democrat arrogance and audacity.  Democrats stand tall demanding that the Republicans in Congress just give a blank check to their wild and crazy spending and protection of insanely high cost health care provisions about to come into reality in just short days from now.

Republicans are faced with pleas not only from their own Party, but also from outside of that Party to, among other things, kill the ObamaCare beast dead in its tracks before unleashing catastrophically expensive rates for health care as dictated by that bill.

It’s not just the health care bill that is about to explode on the country but a budget that will keep our government operating for another fiscal year.  If no agreement is reached by midnight, September 30, 2013, the Congress will be faced with a government shutdown, which, really, no one particularly wants to see happen. Though at times I wish.

In typical Obama-style arrogance, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, (D-NV) is calling Republican efforts to propose taxpayer relief measures to placate the many people of both major political parties who are opposed to the higher taxes ObamaCare brings with it, “stupid.”  Hardly a very working agreement sentiment for any sort of reconciliation; but he audaciously declared the ongoing scramble in just that way.

The rabid socialistic liberal Democrats leadership, especially Obama and Reid, are adamant that there will be no Republican counterproposal accepted in the Senate; and, ironically, they say the Republicans are the Party of “NO”.  What arrogance.

In a online publication on Friday, September 27, 2013, it was pointed out that “Some have discussed the possibility of including a repeal of a controversial tax on medical device companies. That effort has widespread bipartisan support; the Senate voted 79-20 in March in support of repealing the tax.” And here’s where Reid is guilty of not only arrogance but audacity, when again according to, “Reid spokesman Adam Jentleson said the majority leader has ruled out the idea.

“Senator Reid thinks the idea of attaching the medical device tax repeal to the (budget bill) or the debt ceiling is ‘stupid,’” he said in a statement. “Senator Reid supports the medical device tax ...  His position has not changed, and the Senate will reject any (budget bill) that includes a repeal of the medical device tax. If the House wants to avoid a Republican government shutdown, they should pass a clean (budget bill). Period.”

Talk about ‘stupid’ how’s that for stupid arrogance?

When 80 percent of ALL senators, of all political affiliations agree to the repeal of an odious medical device tax that will strike at the hearts of many medical personnel, and the equally odious Harry Reid along with 20 rump swab sycophants calls that proposal “stupid” that is employing Obama’s dictatorial fiat style of leadership to the entire Senate body as well as our complete elected government, noticeably in this statement which added, “Asked Thursday whether the White House could support the tax repeal, Press Secretary Jay Carney also said, “No. Absolutely not.”

Arrogance, audacity and stupid, all rolled into one fell swoop., in an effort to show the degree of arrogance and audacity in the Obama and Reid reticence regarding the medical device tax clarified the position of medical personnel on the tax by stating, “Businesses across the country have warned that the medical device tax is forcing them to cut back. The tax is projected to bring in $30 billion over the next decade—the chief complaint concerns the way the 2.3 percent tax is designed. Though 2.3 percent sounds like a small amount, the tax is imposed on gross sales, meaning it has a far bigger impact on actual profits.”

They even quoted the office of Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-NV), by stating among the lawmakers behind the efforts to repeal the tax, Thursday that Hatch would continue to “examine and support every viable opportunity to put an end to the burdensome medical device tax.”

It could be that Sen. Hatch is trying to get away from his unwanted label of RINO or Republican In Name Only with his outspoken criticism of the ObamaCare health program. wrapped up with, “It remains unclear how the two sides can reach agreement before Oct. 1.

“House Speaker John Boehner indicated Thursday that he plans to keep fighting for anti-ObamaCare measures if the Senate approves its bill on Friday. Asked if he’d accept the Senate bill as is, he said: I do not see that happening.

“Senators like Ted Cruz of Texas have insisted on language that defunds the law. Others have opened the door to language that delays the law or chips away at other provisions.”

Of course, perhaps all these maneuvers are in vain, particularly when we know there will be at least twenty or more RINO traitors who will join the Democrats in stopping cloture, opening the way to an easy victory for the Socialist- communist liberal Democrats and their arrogant-audacious gut punch to the nation’s taxpayers.

ObamaCare has been under fire from the day it was signed into law, attacked by opposing Parties and a large segment of the general population, but even with all those enemies their arrogance and audacity seems likely to be voted into law and once again, the public will suffer at the hands of the Socialist - Communists so prevalent in our country thanks mainly to the arrogant and audacious Communist Billionaire George Soros and his little U.N. helper, B. H. Obama.

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