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« on: September 27, 2013, 06:07:40 PM »

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Snobs! I would never move to an area that has a neighbor group who dictates how you live or what you live in. I understand not wanting shacks, but matching houses? Ridiculous!

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As long as the home fits in the neighborhood like Habitat for humanity says I don't see what their beef is about. I understand what the neighbors are worried about housing isn't cheap and you don't want your property values to go down. People put their life saving into a home and do want to protect it that is why home owners associations came about. I have lived in areas where you were required to have a certain number of sq ft and the outside design had to be OK'D by a panel or even a person and I see no problem with that either. A person has the option of living in areas that do have restrictions which I prefer or to building or buying elsewhere this is still a free country. Even when we bought acreage in the country and built a custom home the people we bought from had put a private rd in and required a home of at least 2000sq ft ours was 3600 sq ft plus they required that he ok our house design. He was just a farmer that gave his kids property to build on and he built a home to retire in too and wanted the area to keep it's value. We did make a good bit of money on this home due to how he  put in the restrictions. He was a great neighbor too even though we were all suppose to keep the private road up he had construction equipment and did it himself and wouldn't let us give him any money for it so we were always doing little favors and giving him small gifts to show our appreciation. He also plowed our driveways in the winter we had a snow blower and finally gave it to my dad since the neighbor would laugh at Rob as he used it and just plow the 375 ft long driveway in minutes.

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