Author Topic: 'South Park' Torches Future MSNBC Host Alec Baldwin for His Homophobic Outbursts  (Read 489 times)

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'South Park' Torches Future MSNBC Host Alec Baldwin for His Homophobic Outbursts

by Christian Toto 26 Sep 2013, 11:36 AM PDT

The mainstream media steadfastly downplays Alec Baldwin's homophobic outbursts. The actor is a dyed in the wool liberal, and therefore afforded as much media protection as possible.

The feisty lads living in South Park don't follow those rules.

The Comedy Central show's season premiere Wednesday focused on Cartman's battle with the NSA's domestic spying program. Along the way, show creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker debuted a "new" social media platform called Shitter that sends your every thought directly onto the Internet.

An animated Baldwin (voiced by Bill Hader) is chosen as the platform's celebrity spokesman, a chance for South Park to tee up some stinging commentary about Baldwin's outbursts.

We see Baldwin blaming his homophobic rants on his thumbs, so he slices them off to stop him from sharing more anti-gay comments. Instead, he joins Shitter, and moments later he's calling random people "bleep" and other derogatory terms.

South Park even calls out the media, and Baldwin's new employer MSNBC, to task for letting his ugly verbal attacks slide. Here is Baldwin announcing his new gig:

"Welcome to my new show on MSNBC, 'Free Pass with Alec Baldwin.'"

video at link - warning graphic language
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They also torched Obamabots, statists, the NSA, the DMV, and people who go around spilling their lives on every social network site while demanding privacy.


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Watched part of this.  Pretty disgusting, gratuitous crap IMO.

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