Author Topic: Obama offers to let Iran keep nukes in return for "peaceful assurances"  (Read 316 times)

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Obama Offers to Let Iran Keep Nukes in Return for “Peaceful Assurances”

September 24, 2013 By Daniel Greenfield

So Iran-loves-obama

What a surprise.


Obama is predictably pursuing the North Korean approach to Iran’s nuclear program. With the inevitable identical outcome. Except trade South Korea for Israel.

In his UN talkathon, Obama declared, “We are not seeking regime change, and we respect the right of the Iranian people to access peaceful nuclear energy.”

Sure. No reason to keep a regime that is one of the biggest terrorist supporters in the world from having nuclear technology, as long as the inspectors show up a few times and completely miss the weaponization of nuclear technology.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Leader has issued a fatwa against the development of nuclear weapons, and President Rouhani has just recently reiterated that the Islamic Republic will never develop a nuclear weapon.

These statements made by our respective governments should offer the basis for a meaningful agreement. We should be able to achieve a resolution that respects the rights of the Iranian people, while giving the world confidence that the Iranian program is peaceful.

How nice. There’s a Fatwa. Problem solved.

The Supreme Leader keeps threatening to wipe out Israel. But I’m sure he means that in a non-nuclear fashion.

Iran’s genuine commitment to go down a different path will be good for the region and the world, and will help the Iranian people meet their extraordinary potential – in commerce and culture; in science and education.


That won’t happen without regime change. But while Obama supports regime change in Syria, he doesn’t support it in Iran. Because he always sides with Islamists.

So a "fatwa" has been issued against nuclear weapons.  Islam also has taqiyya, lying for the good of islam, which I suspect is more operative in this case. :thumbsdown:
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