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President Obama thinks you're an idiot
« on: September 24, 2013, 11:17:04 AM »
President Obama Thinks You're an Idiot

By Onan Coca   / 21 September 2013   / 466 Comments   

I think it’s fair to say that we have all become keenly aware of just how full of himself President Obama truly is. We got the chance to watch him imply, back in 2008, that if he were elected President he could smooth over our relations with the rest of the world simply by the power of his personality and his inspiring rhetoric. We listened to him tell the Islamic world that his election was proof positive that America was changing in a way that would be beneficial to Islam, indicating that relations between the USA and Islam at large could get better now, because he was in office. We sat dumbfounded as, during the State of Union in 2010, President Obama castigated our Supreme Court for making what he thought was the wrong decision in the Citizens United case.

Well now the President has added another notch to his bedpost of superiority. He knows that the American people are wrong about Obamacare, because he disagrees.

In an interview with Telemundo on Tuesday, the president was asked if “everybody [was] wrong” after polling data indicated that a majority of Americans oppose the law and believe it will raise their healthcare costs. “Yes,” the president said with a chuckle. “They are.” The president said a “look at the facts” revealed that young adults were able to stay on their parents’ health insurance longer and that seniors were getting “billions of dollars in discounts on their prescription drugs.”

Asked about reports that insurance rates were rising in some areas, Obama argued the law was a net positive. “What we’ve seen is the lowest increase in healthcare costs in 50 years over the last several years,” Obama said. “So there is no evidence at all that this is somehow making healthcare more expensive. There’s a lot of evidence that it’s helping to make it cheaper.”

Can you even begin to fathom the amount of hubris that it must take to fuel Barack Obama’s body and mind?

A recent poll undertaken by NBC and the Wall Street Journal shows that “just 12 percent say the law will have a positive impact on their family, while 52 percent think the cost of their healthcare will go up.” Every indication that doesn’t come out of the White House shows that Obamacare is driving healthcare costs higher than they would have gone up otherwise, and average families all across the country are suffering because of it. Of course, that’s not the only problem among the dozens of other things that Obamacare is doing to mangle the economy and consume liberty – it’s also making many of us lose the insurance we already had!

The Obamacare legislation is a train wreck of incredible proportions and it doesn’t take a self-described "genius" like President Obama to see that. Apparently though, thinking that you are the smartest guy in the room does put up certain blinders for you, as it seems the President really has no idea how bad Obamacare is. Fortunately for him, he is just prideful enough to think that when his ideas and plans fall apart – it’s always somebody else’s fault.

So in closing, here’s a special reminder for you from our President.

President Obama thinks you’re an idiot.

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