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Arlington Flyover Honors
« on: September 22, 2013, 05:46:11 PM »

Arlington Flyover Honors
Posted By Pinch • [September 22, 2013]

Preparations are pretty much finalized for the Warrior Aviation Fly-over in honor of USAF Majors James E Sizemore and Howard V Andre at Arlington Cemetery tomorrow at noon.

My ejection-seat checkout for the L-39 is at 0800 or so. Full Brief at 0900. Walk at 1030, takeoff at 1100. We'll be holding at Nottingham VORTAC (southwest from Andrews). Push time around 1155, Time on Top Arlington 1202. The B-25 will lead the first formation with the P-51 and P-47 on the wings.  The A-26 will fly by solo in trail, which is the aircraft the Majors were flying.  To follow are the L-39s with a missing man pull. Another L-39 will be offset to the west as a photo aircraft.

A-26A TA-646, the Invader aircraft that Major Sizemore and Major Andre were flying that day.
Major James Elmo Sizemore USAF Nakhon Phanom, Thailand KIA July 8 1969

Major Howard V Andre USAF KIA July 8 1969

If you are in the DC area tomorrow, weather is supposed to be fantastic, so stop and see if you can see the aluminum sky. We'll be coming in from south of Reagan National, up the Potomac, over the Pentagon. An ideal place to watch would be the Air Force memorial, just to the west of the Pentagon.

Salute to Majors Sizemore and Andre...welcome home, sirs. We've missed you!

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Re: Arlington Flyover Honors
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