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Jim's Corner, 9/13/13 [Syria]
« on: September 13, 2013, 03:08:43 PM »

President Osama spoke to the American public on Tuesday evening and tried to convince us that a military strike against the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was justified and necessary. The President continued to make the case that military action is necessary. However, he did ask Congress to hold off having a vote approving military action while the Secretary of State chases the Russian proposal of Syria giving up its chemical weapons, which is the same game that Iraq played for some twenty years.

When Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagle, recently appeared before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee he pointed out that not striking Syria could erode “the nearly century-old international norm against the use of chemical weapons” and might “embolden other regimes” to follow the lead of Syria. Hagel then went on to warn that “a massive stockpile of chemical weapons threatens our treaty ally, the Republic of Korea, and the 28,000 troops stationed there.

The United States has known for years that North Korea is an ally of Syria and has been helping Syria develop its chemical weapons and its ballistic missiles. This was proven in 2005 and 2007 when two accidents took place. In the first instance a Syrian SCUD missile accidentally landed in Turkey after being test fired. Israeli analysts determined the missile used North Korean technology which is designed to deliver air-burst chemical weapons.

The second incident took place some two years later when an explosion at a military installation near Aleppo killed at least a dozen Syrians and a couple of North Koreans. Reports indicated they were attempting to load a SCUD-C missile with mustard gas when the explosion took place.

It should also be noted that North Korea does not consider chemical weapons to be weapons of mass destruction. They consider them to be conventional weapons and like Syria have never signed the treaty banning such weapons. Thus both countries can use this type of weapon and not be guilty of breaking international law.

North Korea is also the most inhumane and savage nation on this planet, but has mastered the art of developing nuclear and chemical weapons, while collecting hundreds of millions of dollars in international aid, which is channeled through the United Nations. Over the last decade the United Nations and a few authorized private relief agencies have funneled over $2 billion dollars in humanitarian aid to North Korea.

I have written before about North Korea’s songbun communism, a system of social classification that places people in permanent political castes. There are some fifty-one different categories of loyalty into which North Koreans are divided. They are graded or ranked in terms of “trustworthiness” and loyalty to the Kim family.

North Korea’s Ministry of Public Security has developed a manual for determining a person’s classification, which begins at age seventeen. This classification will affect that person’s education, employment and every other aspect of their lives. It has been reported that this system created “a form of slave labor for a third of North Korea’s population.”

I can only wonder if President Obama really understands the differences in the moral compasses of the United States and those of Syria, North Korea, or Iran who are capable of the most atrocious acts against humanity. Is it this lack of understanding or simply incompetence that has resulted in the President being backed into the corner where he now finds himself? He will now be dammed if he attacks Syria or if he does not attack Syria. Mean while Obama is chasing the carrot that Russian President Putin dangled in front of his nose.

Quote for the Week: “He that eats the king’s goose shall be choked with his feathers.”----Unknown.

posted with permission from the writer.

Let me know if you all here at TBR like or dislike Jim's articles please. He would love the input!
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