Author Topic: NBC’s ‘Million Second Quiz’ struggles in the ratings as viewers struggle to understand the game  (Read 428 times)

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I've seen plenty of promos for this thing but didn't even know it was on. This report states it's not doing too well.

TV viewers are sophisticated. They want to be challenged. They want to analyze and ponder while they sit in front of the tube watching the primetime lineup, right? Um, no.

 Obviously, there are some successful shows that really make us think, but it seems NBC’s “Million Second Quiz” has simply managed to puzzle viewers instead of intrigue them. With its viewership declining daily, the obviously pricey endeavor may be NBC’s latest programming mistake.

 On its Monday premiere night, the hyped 8 p.m. hour-long game show saw only 6.5 million viewers, according to Deadline Hollywood. By 8:30 p.m., more than 500,000 viewers had changed the channel. And viewership has continued to decline ever since.

 The show is set to go on for 12 days straight—or 1 million seconds. But by its second day, things weren’t looking too hot for the Ryan Seacrest-hosted quiz series. On night two, the show dropped 12 percent in the ratings and on its third night, Wednesday, it dropped another 20 percent from the previous night’s already low marks. The problem? Viewers are complaining they just can’t understand the complex show, which both tests their knowledge and their attention spans.
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I tried to watch. I didn't like it.

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Same here.   We don't really watch game shows, but it was on during prime-time, so somehow my wife  tuned into it, so we watched it for awhile.

The only positive was all the trivia questions were easy for me. I think I was impressing my wife with how much I knew.    I was answering many questions before the multiple choice was shown. "What quarterback threw seven touchd"---"Manning" I shouted before he finished with the question. And so it went.    Not that I'm an egghead, (they would laugh me off Jeopardy),  but I like trivia games, and the questions were easy.

But I agree, the format was imposable to understand. It's going to be fail.
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