Author Topic: I'll help Syria if the U.S. attacks, says Putin in chilling threat to Obama as G20 summit breaks up in acrimony  (Read 521 times)

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Interesting development. With Putin I don't think this is an empty threat as something similar would be with our girlie-man President.

Russia last night issued a chilling threat to assist Syria if the US leads military strikes against its hated regime.

As a summit of world leaders broke up in acrimony, Vladimir Putin declared openly that he is already supplying arms to Syrian tyrant Bashar Assad and vowed to step up support if a planned missile attack goes ahead.

There were gasps as the Russian President made his remarks after being asked how he would react if Barack Obama proceeds with an attack in response to Syria’s used of chemical weapons

The extent to which President Putin will aid the Assad regime is unclear but he's putting Obama on notice that aid him he will.
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Limp-wristed Obama got himself in a mess. I wonder how many times he got sand kicked in his face on the beaches in Hawaii?

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