Author Topic: Special Operations Speaks Political Director: Boehner 'Protecting' Those Who Know Truth About Benghazi  (Read 485 times)

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 by Tony Lee 30 Aug 2013

The political director of Special Operations Speaks, which represents over 1,000 Special Operations veterans, claimed House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is not creating a committee to investigate the September 11, 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi because he is protecting those who know what really happened and the details of what may have been a cover-up.

Special Operations Speaks recently launched a social media campaign to memorialize the four Americans killed in last year's Benghazi terrorist attacks and pressure Congress to create a Select Committee to investigate and uncover the truth of the administration's handling of the attacks.

Appearing on The Wilkow Majority on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125 on Friday with Breitbart News Executive Chairman and guest host Stephen K. Bannon, Larry Ward, the political director, said that the current standing committees on Benghazi "can't get to the bottom of" what happened because they "do not have power to subpoena information" about the CIA and possible gun-running programs in Benghazi.

He said Boehner may have ulterior motives for not creating a Select Committee to investigate the matter further.

"He knows what happened, and he's protecting somebody or some organization," Ward said.

Furthermore, Ward said even if those members on the standing committees hypothetically had subpoena powers, they would not have the "requisite clearance" to see the classified information. He said that is why, without a Select Committee, we will get "exactly" what "we got from Fast and Furious"--an investigation Ward said the Obama administration could stonewall with pages of redacted information.

He said because those like Boehner have not held Obama accountable, Obama was allowed to falsely assert the Benghazi attacks resulted from a YouTube parody video about Muhammed in the days after the attacks. He pointed out that is one of the reasons the country has lost credibility on foreign policy matters, especially when it comes to the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime in Syria.

As Breitbart News' Matthew Boyle exclusively reported, Ward's group is launching a social media campaign to memorialize the four Americans who died as result of the Benghazi attacks:


    In its press release, the coalition of leaders pushing for accountability via the social media campaign released six steps for grassroots activists across America to get involved:

    6 Easy Steps to Remember the Benghazi 4 using your Facebook and Twitter Account:

    1) Visit

    2) Click “Add to Twitter” and/or “Add to Facebook”

    3) When the pop-up window appears click to “Authorize App”

    4) You will be prompted to position and resize the ribbon on your profile picture

    5) Click “Add Twibbon” to complete

    6) Help spread the word to recruit others!

Ward had previously told Breitbart News that this campaign and organization also represent "1,000 Special Operations Veterans who have signed on to the longest petition ever presented to Congress to form a Watergate-style Select Committee."

"These men are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve this goal. SOS encourages every American who cares about getting to the truth about the Benghazi Massacre, to display the Remember the Benghazi 4 twibbon until a Select Committee is formed by Congress," he said.

video at link

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Boehner needs to go!  Excuse my political ignorance, but how is our House Speaker selected?  How can he be replaced?
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Boehner needs to go!  Excuse my political ignorance, but how is our House Speaker selected?  How can he be replaced?

A vote is held every two years before the new congress convenes to elect a speaker of the house.  Speaker does not have to be from the majority party or even either party, but historically they have come from the party with the majority in power and he has led as a member of that party in a way that benefits that party..  Boehner is a coward and a weasel and his refusal to name a select committee really, REALLY pisses me off....... clearly he is either protecting Obama, himself - both or O has something on him and is blackmailing him.
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