Author Topic: History repeating? As Blair and Campbell back Syria strike, large protest marches planned  (Read 491 times)

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History repeating? As Blair and Campbell back Syria strike, large protest marches planned
CAMPAIGNERS against the war in Syria are dealing with a public outcry not seen since the lead up to the Iraq invasion 10 years ago.

By: Owen Bennett
Published: Wed, August 28, 2013

The Stop the War coalition is receiving calls and donations from military families and members of the public who last contacted them in 2003.

The coalition organised the iconic march through central London in February of that year, which saw more than a million people take to the streets to show their opposition to the planned Iraq invasion.

A protest has been organised for outside Downing Street this afternoon, and on Saturday campaigners will march past Downing Street and Parliament en route to a rally in central London.

Stop the War spokeswoman Lindsey German said: "We are getting people phoning us who last contacted us ten years ago saying they want to be members again.

"They are very, very sceptical about what the government says.

"I certainly think there is a big momentum building against any attack."

This morning Alastair Cambell echoed the thoughts of his former boss Tony Blair, arguing it would be "hugely irresponsible and incredibly dangerous" if the world does not intervene in the Syria conflict.

Speaking on Daybreak, he said: "I think even before the use of his chemical weapons, which even the Arab League now seem to have accepted the evidence on that, even before that, this was a humanitarian catastrophe that frankly the world has turned away from for far too long.

"But to have somebody using chemical weapons against his own people, in the way that Assad has done, on top of all else that he's done, I think for the rest of the world to stand by and just say 'Oh well, carry on, and do it again and we won't do anything and we won't get involved,we'll just stand to one side' - I think that would be hugely irresponsible and incredibly dangerous."

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BTW where is Cindy Sheehan these days?  I didn't see her picketing the Obama Martha's Vineyard vacations.

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BTW where is Cindy Sheehan these days?

Busy campaigning?

Cindy Sheehan makes Socialist run for Calif. governor slot, cites Hugo Chavez as inspiration
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