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The Nazi/islamic connection
« on: August 27, 2013, 07:47:46 AM »
The photo is inscribed by Himmler:
“To his eminence the Grand Mufti, 4 VII 1943, in remembrance H Himmler”
Seiner Eminenz dem Grossmufti 4 VII 1943[July 4, 1943] zur erinnerung H Himmler

It is almost impossible to believe that after the genocide of over six million Jews, the political committee of the General Assembly met (without a dissenting vote) to invite the Arav Higher Committee to testify before it on the Palestine [actually Israel] question.

“Moreover, a special sitting of the General Assembly, was convened under pressure of the Arab states, in order to issue the invitation  in a form which would invest the Arab Higher Committee with the same diplomatic status as the Jewish Agency for Palestine, the internationally recognized representative of the Jewish people.: THE ARAB HIGHER COMMITTEE ITS ORIGINS, PERSONNEL AND PURPOSES: The Documentary Record submitted to the United Nations May 1947. NY: Nation Associates, 1947}

It is hard to believe that the rag we know of today, “The Nation,” was fierce in its pursuit of the truth and assembling an incredible document – an  extraordinary collection of documents and photos showing collusion of the Arab League with the fascist governments and Nazis during the War, background of the Mufti’s aides, documents in Arabic, French and German are translated. Includes for instance Hitler’s pledge to the Mufti for help in Iraq revolt of 1941, other material on Iraq, Italians pledge to abolish Jewish National Home, letters from Mufti to discourage Jewish emigration from Germany. Mufti was head of the Arab Higher Committee. This document is a real indictment of the Arab Committee and the Mufti for abetting the destruction of European Jewry during the Shoah.

The head of the Arab Higher Committee was the Mufti Haj Haj Amin el-Husseini, a brutal jihadi responsible for repeated massacres of the Jews prior to the Holocaust.

If you carefully watch the Arabic armies you will see the Nazi influence in them.  So why does Obama support a military that collaborated with Hitler and The Mufti with whom Hitler and Himmler worked was related to Yasser Arafat.? :smokin:
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Re: The Nazi/islamic connection
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