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Drive-Bys Try to Ignore Australian Student Murdered By "Bored Teens" Obsessed with Violent Rap Lyrics
August 21, 2013


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I hope -- I hope -- that people appreciate what a public service that we provide here at the EIB Network.  And one of the many things that we do here is keep people from being bored.  The one thing that will never happen to you if you listen to this program every day is, you will never be bored. It's safe to say.  Never, ever.  We keep and save people from being bored.

In fact, this whole week -- and there's gonna be more of it today. It may even become an ongoing miniature project. We've been trying to reach out to young people, the Millennials especially.  Just think how many lives we have saved over the years because there is no boredom.  Let me ask you a question.  Even if you have gotten bored, did you ever think about just randomly going out and killing somebody?

Did you ever think about doing that when you were bored?

 We all do get bored.  None of us are bored during these three hours.  But you're on your own when the program ends -- and when you get bored, do you ever think, "You know what? Let's go shoot somebody!" Well, that's what these three guys did in Oklahoma.  They got bored and said, "Let's go shoot a white guy!" Folks, I gotta tell you, there's something else about this.  This is Trayvon Martin in reverse, only worse.

This was nowhere near self-defense.  I mean, this is just cold-blooded, first-degree recreational, for the fun of it, because they were bored, murder.  And you have, what is it? Two black guys and a white guy in the group.  No matter where you look in the media, it's not a racial event.  Nothing about is racist. This is the epitome of media irresponsibility.  It's a classic illustration of just what role the mainstream media is playing in the destruction of American culture and society.

There has been more outrage in the mainstream media, more attention paid in the mainstream media to that stupid clown story at the Missouri State Fair than there has been to this wanton murder in Oklahoma.  I had this story yesterday with the photos.  It had the three perps and a picture of the victim, and I purposely did not say one word about it.  I was conducting my own personal study to find out how long it would take the mainstream media to get to a story like this that happened in Oklahoma, where the victim is white and two of the perpetrators are black.

I wanted to see how long it would take them to get there and then how they treated it when they did get there, and it took them 24 hours from when I first saw this in a Web page, a newspaper Web page. I printed it out. I had it here in the Stack of Stuff yesterday; I purposely didn't do it, 'cause I wanted to see. It took them 24 hours to get to this, to discover it and to start reporting about it -- and they are reporting it, and letting it go.

They're not paying much attention to it at all.  They're not focusing on the racial component of any of the people involved in this.  We have not heard from the Reverend Sharpton, the Reverend Jackson, the NAACP. We haven't heard from anybody.  There has not been anywhere near the outrage, the intensity, even that we got on this state fair clown story. (interruption) I know you could read stories on it yesterday.

Snerdley's sending me a note that he read three stories on it yesterday, and race wasn't mentioned.  He only learned today that two of the teenagers were black. He heard the story yesterday, and he only heard today that two of the shooters were black.  If you go to the Facebook page of one of the suspects, you'll notice how often the suspect quotes rappers, especially rap lyrics about killing people.  You go to this guy's Facebook page and all over it is almost worship for the lyrics of rappers who talk about killing people.

Yet we don't hear one peep about curtailing the violence that is celebrated in rap and the rest of the thug culture.  Instead, they earn millions of dollars and endless rewards and profound fame.  They are chosen to endorse products all over this country.  It's as destructive as it can be.  It's excused by the left because, they tell us, "It's cultural, Mr. Limbaugh!  You wouldn't understand."

But rap is simply a reflection of the way these people have been forced to grow up in this country.  And rather than get mad and be judgmental, you need to take time out and try to understand the rage, and this is how it's excused.  This is how it is explained.  This is worse than a double standard.  This is a purposeful, willful ignoring of the exact racial components (but in reverse) that happened in the Trayvon Martin shooting.

The Trayvon Martin shooting? I'll just tell you something: From Obama on down, they didn't care about Trayvon Martin.  All that mattered was that incident offered them an opportunity to advance their political agenda.  This doesn't.  Everything to these people is political.  There's nothing about this Oklahoma shooting that will allow the left or the Democrats to advance their political agenda.  This harms their agenda, so that's why the media is not trumpeting it.

That's why they're just reporting it in a perfunctory way.  You know, after the shootings in Tuscon and any number of other instances, the news media immediately tried to blame right-wing talk radio, or the Tea Party. Brian Ross at ABC! Within seconds of an event like that happening -- Tucson, Trayvon Martin, you name it -- it's "Let's go find out what talk show host they listen to!"  Well, now we've got evidence these shooters celebrate and worship rappers and lyrics talking about killing people, and the media can't be bothered.


RUSH:  The Oklahoma shooting is not getting anywhere near the coverage the Atlanta elementary school shooting got where nobody, thankfully, was shot.  In Oklahoma, the white guy drove the getaway car.  The shooters were the two African-Americans.  Now, what the Drive-Bys are doing here, folks, is they're looking at the Oklahoma shooting, and their focus is guns. It's "gun safety." They're gonna use this to say, "This is why we need gun control."

Of course that wasn't even anywhere near the focus in the Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin case.  See, this story does not advance the Democrat agenda.  This does not advance the agenda that minorities are put upon and discriminated against.  This harms the left's agenda.  So let's take elements of it.  There was a gun used.  "Oh, my God, that's horrible! So we'll focus on gun violence." But their heart really isn't in it.

I'm watching the Drive-Bys cover this story, and, boy, they're being drawn to this reluctantly.  They really don't want to get anywhere near this, and the reason they don't is because this is black-on-white crime, and that doesn't happen. In the mainstream media world that they portray, in the mainstream media world that they present us each and every day, black-on-white crime doesn't happen.  So it can't happen here.  It won't be reported.  They'll just report it casually, and focus on the gun aspect.

I just checked Yahoo News.  Yahoo News, for low-information voters, is still the biggest news portal on the Internet.  Kids and low-information voters go to Yahoo News, and you can't find a story about the Oklahoma shooting on Yahoo News.  They do have a story about Hawaii becoming the 50th state on this date 54 years ago, but even when you drill down to the AP feed, there's nothing. There's nothing on Yahoo News about this.  I mean, they're covering it, but just enough to let it go.


RUSH: It is.  It's fascinating.  Let there be a shooting at a school in Newtown, Connecticut. Let there be the Trayvon Martin episode. Let there be a shooting of Gabby Giffords in Tucson, Arizona. Let some guy go crazy at a theater in Aurora, Colorado, and what do the media first do?  Try to find out what conservative media the shooter listened to.  Gabby Giffords' shooter was said to have been influenced by a crosshairs icon on Sarah Palin's website, and then me.  Sarah Palin and me.  And then the Aurora, Colorado, shooter, Brian Ross of ABC said the guy was a Tea Party member.

I mean, within minutes of the event (paraphrasing), "Yeah, there's a Tea Party member with the same name." And they said, "Now, we can't be sure yet if it's the same guy."  Well, then why report it in the first place?  These shooters, on their Facebook pages there's all kinds of hero worship for rappers and thugs who celebrate killing in their rap lyrics.  Media can't be bothered.  Media can't be bothered to tell us what is actually known and no speculation required here.

So what they're doing, they're very reluctantly covering this story, and they're not making a big deal about it at all.  And to the extent that they are covering it, it is to focus once again on gun violence.  The only problem for the Drive-By Media trying to use the shooting in Oklahoma to promote gun control is that none these kids are old enough to own a gun, in any state in the country.  So what good do gun control laws do?  There are laws on the books which prohibit people of their age from having them.  But they had 'em.  And they used them.  Let's go to the audio sound bites.  We'll start here with a montage of reporters at CNN, ABC, and NBC about this episode.

KATE BOLDUAN: Outrage on two continents after an Australian student is senselessly murdered in Oklahoma.  Prosecutors say the teen suspects who allegedly shot the man did it out of sheer boredom.

AMY ROBACH: Three Oklahoma teenagers are now in custody, formally charged with the murder of a popular college baseball player.

GAYLE KING: There is worldwide outrage this morning over the random killing of an Australian baseball player in Oklahoma.  Three teenagers are under arrest for the shooting.

MARA SCHIAVOCAMPO:  Prosecutors say three teenagers targeted, shot, and killed 22-year-old Christopher Lane simply because they were bored.

RUSH:  And I remind you of how the Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin story was reported.  "White Hispanic" George Zimmerman wantonly and in cold blood murdered a defenseless young, wonderful black child by the name of Trayvon Martin.  I mean, not in those exact words, but that was the impression conveyed.  "White Hispanic" George Zimmerman.  Race is not even mentioned here.  Race is not even a curiosity.  Race is not even worth mentioning.  No, it was boredom.  Just sheer boredom.  No curiosity whatsoever on the part of the media to try to find out if, in the midst of their boredom, did they say, "Hey, let's go find a white guy."  Did they not?  We don't know because the media has not endeavored to find out.  They have zilch, zero curiosity about this.

Why haven't we heard from President Obama on this?  I mean, after all, it's an international situation.  The dead baseball player is from Australia.  In fact, the former Australian deputy prime minister on CNN this morning is warning citizens not to visit the US.  I mean, even the Australians get the Democrat playbook that this is the NRA's fault. Kate Bolduan said to the former Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer, "I think everybody agrees this tragedy in Oklahoma is absolutely just that, a sensible tragedy, but why boycott the US over the horrible actions of what appears to be a few disturbed teenagers?"

FISCHER:  Not true. You've had on average 400 more people shot dead since Friday and the shocking murder in Duncan, Oklahoma. In other words, there is murder mayhem on main street USA every day of the week, but you hide from that. You don't face up to that, and you let your congressmen and senators escape and dance around the bush when it's a very real circumstance supported by the NRA.

RUSH:  Oh, the media loves this guy. So here's a deputy prime minister of Australia blaming the NRA, blaming guns, and suggesting that Australians not visit America because of all of these deaths, all of these shootings.  See how the media, see what they do?  Everything is going to be turned into a story that will advance their agenda.  Pure and simple.  He goes on to claim that Australia has zero gun massacres since 1996.  The CNN infobabe said, "But are there statistics that gun related homicides have gone down dramatically in the US," and that, by the way, is true.

Gun violence in this country is way down as innocent citizens have armed themselves to protect themselves.  Gun violence is way down.  And she points this out to the former Deputy Australian Prime Minister Tim Fischer.  "So it does appear the US is making progress.  I'll ask you, why is this senseless tragedy an indictment of an entire country?  Many people enjoy visiting America, sir."

FISCHER:  Because your massacre level, I mean, since 1996, since we took positive action under John Howard's legislation, zero gun massacres in Australia.  Since 1996, every year in the USA, more gun massacres.  Try the Harvard study which points out that children in the USA are 11 times more likely to be shot dead through -- and from guns than any other OECD country in the world.  You have to face up to this.

RUSH:  Which children would that be?  Hmm?  Which children would that be, Mr. Fischer?  So, anyway, you have the CNN infobabe, Kate Bolduan, very, very upset here that he would indict an entire country for a senseless shooting here, these guys did it just out of boredom.  I don't know about you, this kind of stuff makes me seethe.  You look at how they spent months ginning this country up, roiling this country up, creating racial division, racial divide, did everything they could to promote disharmony with the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman story, and here they just ignore it for all intents.

And then when you do bring it up, focus on the NRA and gun violence and not the perps because the perps, we can't look at the perps.  The perpetrators happen to be black, and leave 'em alone.  We have to be understanding and a little tolerant and all that.  So we'll ignore the racial aspect.  There really isn't any racism here, there's no prejudice.  That only happens when a white person or "white Hispanic" pulls the trigger.  When I heard about this deputy prime minister commenting on this, I wanted to see what they were saying in the Australian newspapers.

I have a story here by Carmel Melouney in the Australia Herald Sun.  It's quite long, and it's got Australian slang in it, which needs to be translated for you. But this story in the Herald Sun had some of the earliest and most complete reporting on the case, and this story also makes points that no one in the US Drive-By Media will make, such as what appears to be the involvement of the shooters in the Crips.  Apparently the shooters either idolized and held in great reverence role models, if you will, the Crips, or else they were members.

Their Facebook pages.  You're not gonna get this in the Drive-By Media.  Their Facebook pages indicate that they love the Crips and that they were celebrating and honoring rap music artists' lyrics about killing people.  The US media is putting most of the blame on guns, which is like blaming lynchings on the rope.  But that's what they're doing.  No blame placed on the thug culture.  But if there had been an opportunity to find a way to include right-wing talk radio in this story, they would have found it.

There is a direct link on the perps' Facebook pages to rap music idolizing killing.  "Oh, can't go there.  No, we're gonna ignore that.  No, that wouldn't be helpful.  No, that wouldn't be useful."  I mean, there's a lot of quotes on these guys' Facebook pages from rappers.  These shooters were not listening to talk radio.  The article also notes this.  "Chief Ford said the teens had no motive other than to ''make a name for themselves.'"

Now, the US media is telling us that these guys did this because they were bored.  This story in the Australian Herald Sun is telling us that these guys wanted to be famous.  And, lo and behold, they've got Facebook pages.  And, lo and behold, on their Facebook pages they idolize and hold in great reverence the thug killer lyrics of rap music.  You know, one of my often expressed concerns about all this social media is that -- well, there's two things.  If you spend a lot of time reading social media you're gonna get a complex, 'cause you'll think everybody else is having a great time and why aren't you.  Must be something wrong with you, 'cause everybody gets on these social websites and lies.

They lie about who they know, where they go, what they're doing, and how much fun they've been having. Everybody thinks, "Whoa, what am I missing?"  They start getting complexes.  Then they want to get famous, do anything to get noticed.  And, lo and behold, this story quotes Chief Ford as saying these guys had no motive. It wasn't boredom.  No motive other than to make a name for themselves.  In any case, folks, the US Drive-By Media is down playing all elements of this story as best they can.  Yahoo News, nothing.  And that's a major news portal for young people and low-information voters.


RUSH:  One of the other interesting notes from the Australia Herald Sun version of this story is the headline. Let's see if you know what this means in Australia. They have their own English vernacular. "Man Who Dobbed In Suspects Accused Of Murdering Melbourne Baseball Player Chris Lane Says His Son was Next."  Do you know what "dobbed in" means?

"The teenagers accused of murdering Melbourne baseball player Chris Lane were dobbed in by a local who claims his son was the trio's next target." Now, "dobbed in" means reported. It's d-o-b-b-e-d, "dobbed in," dropped the dime. So, "dobbed in," that's Australian for "reported."

"Chancey Allen Luna, 16, and James Francis Edwards Jr., 15 have been charged with first-degree murder over the fatal shooting in Duncan, Oklahoma. Michael Dewayne Jones, 17, was charged with using a vehicle... James Johnson, 52, called the police to tell them that the accused killers were hiding in the car park of the Immauel Baptist Church car park at about 5pm, two hours after they allegedly shot Lane.

"'My son called me and said, "They're saying they're coming to kill me," so I called the police and they got here within about three minutes,' Johnson told the Herald Sun." So this guy said that his son was next cause they were just bored.  They were just bored. I don't know. I've been bored when I was a teenager, and I never once thought about going out and killing anybody.

I also wasn't obsessed with being famous.

Here's Mike in Lewiston, New York, as we go to the phones.  Mike, I'm glad you called, welcome.

CALLER:  Thank you and good afternoon, Mr. Mayor. I'm a longtime citizen of Realville.

RUSH:  I appreciate you being out there.

CALLER:  Listen, I got a question.  When, if ever, do you think that the media or some of the black leaders will face the truth that those in gangs or in the hip-hop culture are the problem and do something about it?

RUSH:  I think it's gonna be a long time.  I don't know that something like that will happen in my lifetime.  It's been going on too long, it's been obvious for too long, and yet it's excused.  If you go out and say what you just said, if you say it to the wrong person like a Reverend Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, I mean, they'll jump in your chili and they will tell you that you just don't understand the rage.  "This is what's wrong with America, that you don't understand why this is happening.  This is nothing more than an artistic expression of the culture in which these people grow up, and we'd better learn it and we'd better learn to deal with it, because that's what it's like in this country! It sucks from front to back."

CALLER:  Change the culture.

RUSH:  These guys are... Look at 'em.  You gonna have a tough time walking this back.  They're famous.  They are movie stars!  They endorse products from Pepsi-Cola to computers to you name it.  They drive the hottest automobiles.  They are incalculably wealthy.  They are the epitome of success in one sense.  You're not gonna walk that back.  I just think it's sad, really sad.  It is what it is.  It's one of the things that we are gonna have to find some way to deal with.  I don't see the civil rights leadership ever doing anything about that.


RUSH:  Some rappers even get invited to the White House.  Some rappers even endorse presidents.  Some presidents accept the endorsement and invite 'em to the White House.  Everybody wants to be these guys.


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Justice for Trayvon...

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If tobacco advertising causes kids to smoke, then gangsta rap - and all the violent movies Hollywood liberals constantly push on society - cause kids to love violence - to kill.  It's just that simple.  Liberals who say that tobacco advertising causes kids to smoke, but that violent movies and violent lyrics are free speech that must be protected at all costs are simply hypocrites, hypocrites with blood on their hands.  You can't have it both ways:  either violent movies and violent lyrics don't cause kids to be violent and tobacco ads don't cause kids to smoke - in which case the campaigns against tobacco companies and their advertising must be stopped - or else violent movies and violent lyrics cause kids to be violent and tobacco ads cause kids to smoke - in which case violent movies and violent lyrics must be stopped.
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