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I'm Too Famous to Moderate Debates [Rush Limbaugh]
« on: August 16, 2013, 01:19:33 AM »

I'm Too Famous to Moderate Debates
August 15, 2013


RUSH:  I don't see how I can do it.  I'm too famous.  This business about moderating Republican debates.  Did you see that out there?  There's a suggestion that's been made, a lot of people have made the suggestion.  Cal Thomas has made it, that me and Sean Hannity and Mark Levin would moderate Republican primary debates. I think I'd overshadow it. I think I'm too famous.  Be a tough call.  It'd be a real, real, real tough call.  (interruption) Well, yeah, yeah, yeah.  It could get ratings, I mean there's no question about that.  It's an idea that's out there.

Now, some people misunderstood and thought that it was moderating debates on mainstream TV networks. That would never happen.  These would be debates that are strictly for a conservative Republican media and audience.

RUSH: Here's Jeff in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.  It's great to have you on the program, sir.  Hello.

CALLER.  Yeah.  Hi, Rush.  You know, when you said you would overshadow any candidate if you were gonna moderate a Republican presidential debate, I could think of one, actually really only one possible candidate who you wouldn't overshadow, and that's Sarah Palin.

RUSH:  For people that are just tuning in and didn't hear the opening of the program and are hearing you, they might be getting a little bit of a distorted idea of what I meant.  So let me set the table again before we get further into your comment, okay?

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  There's a news story out there that says the RNC is considering having people like me or Sean Hannity or Mark Levin moderate Republican presidential primary debates for the 2016 election.  And I simply opined at the beginning of the program, I was telling Mr. Snerdley, "I don't know that this would work. I might be too famous to do this."  And old Jeff here is assuming that what I meant was that I was going to overshadow and dominate.  I would never say --

CALLER:  Well, I meant too famous as well in the sense of a star based, having their own star base or at least new attention base, so I don't mean overshadow in that sense because frankly I think she has the facility, probably the only one that could match verbal jibes with you.  I meant also the star base, the star attraction, you know, the everybody wants to see, that kind of thing.  I can't think of anyone other than her that would be a counterbalance to you that people would want to see.  Otherwise you're correct, you would kind of be more newsworthy than any candidate, except her.

RUSH:  Well, see, the purpose of this would be to maybe change that.  I think the thinking about this is that if you put these Republicans with, I don't want to say "like-minded," but put them with people who are not automatically adversarial, who are not trying to defeat them, who aren't treating them as suspects out of the box, that they might blossom. We might get a little bit more out of who they really are rather than the defensive, don't want to offend anybody, don't want to upset anybody way they behave with Democrat moderators.

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Re: I'm Too Famous to Moderate Debates [Rush Limbaugh]
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