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Do You Have To Work At Being This Stupid?
« on: August 13, 2013, 10:09:21 PM »

Do You Have To Work At Being This Stupid?
Posted By Deebow • [August 12, 2013]

I was going to invent a new game show.  Only senior military field grade officers would have been allowed to play and the questions would be asked by a neutral Regimental Sergeant Major of my choosing.

And this would have been the title.  But Col. Ellen Haring over at the US Army War College has already beat me to it, and she is the first contestant in her own sad show.

The Colonel, you may remember, was one of the escapees from the Asshatery who filed suit saying that women needed to be allowed in combat arms branches, and I think that she thinks she is on a roll; because from the deep depths of her vast combat experience she pulls this nugget out.

    Col. Ellen Haring, on the staff of the  U.S. Army War College, says commanders need to downplay obstacle courses and  judge a service member’s ability to stay calm and think quickly.

Yeah, that will work Colonel.  I pray this isn't what passes for "intellectual gravitas" at Army College.  I hope she washed her hands after she pulled that fact out of whatever nether region it came from.  Based upon this demonstration of intellect, I wouldn't let her be in charge of the copy machine, let alone a brigade of steely eyed killers.

So I am calling her out so that her peers won't have to suffer from having their careers shortened from laughing in her face for such a statement.  I want the Colonel to use her ability to be calm and think very quickly to stop me from overpowering her by smashing her in the jaw with the butt of my rifle and then driving a bayonet through her ribs.  C'mon, it ought to be easy.  Just use your noggin!

All of your neurons firing and becoming the eye of storm aren't going to stop me from doing that; you are going to need physical strength to stop me Colonel, and I am confident I could do it right now even in my prior service, dirtbag civilian, light walking workout, semi chubby state.

But it ain't about me.  She called out Audie Murphy, and I ain't gonna let that go...
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